Fat man has sawdust for brains as he dumps three cats out of his van

Man abandons cats on freezing night

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You can’t have brains if you do this. It’s not normal. There is something in his cranium but it is not the usual gray matter. This fat man with a gammy leg slowly and deliberately gets out of his vehicle, opens the rear door, grabs a cat and throws her to the ground. It is not clear to me where the kittens are but we are told by Fox32 Chicago that there are three cats.

This is an opinion article based on a news story. The facts are true. The thoughts are mine.

The temperature is in the teens in Fahrenheit. In other words it is bloody freezing. When he drives off he appears to drive over the cats but does not harm them. It is almost impossible to see the cats in the video because of the poor quality from this surveillance camera. You can just see the adult cat being flung to the ground. Perhaps the kittens spilled out of the vehicle.

It is a question of lack of sensitivity to animals. On the understanding that he wouldn’t treat people this way, he must have a relationship with animals which is Dickensian. He hasn’t developed any awareness of the need to respect animals. They have a right to live especially if he and/or his wife once cared for this cat and her kittens. We don’t know the backstory but it is likely that the adult cat is an unspayed female.

It’s a lot to do with education and intelligence. Like I said he has sawdust for brains. I am surprised he made a living and that he can afford a car/van. He’s too thick to deserve anything.

The good news is that there is always someone who has a brain and in this case it is Terry Wenninger who heard the meows and rescued the cats. She said that she did not want to ruin the man’s life. I don’t agree. I’d like to ruin his life. Of course he should be tracked down and prosecuted but he won’t. The cats are in the care of the South Suburban Humane Society. They’re the good guys. They clean up after the evil deeds of the bad ones among us.

P.S. Message to Bing News admin: this is an opinion piece. I am entitled to express my opinion on the news as many journalists do in newspapers.

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