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‘Fate’ leads cat rescuers to loud, filthy alley where young mama cat was caring for 8 kittens

This is the heartwarming yet heartbreaking story of a one-year-old mama cat who gave birth to eight kittens and managed to keep all of them alive until ‘fate’ led a rescuer to them.

Mama cat and 8 kittens lived in filth (Kolony Kats)

Kolony Kats, a TNR group based in Philadelphia, tells the story best on their Facebook page

“We honestly believe in fate! Last Monday we were not even supposed to be in the area that we found mama. We were driving to drop off cat food to Miss Maggie (she cares for the 3rd Street Kitties Razor, Knee High, Gigi, plus more).

We were SUPPOSED to deliver the food on Saturday, but something came up. So, fate arranged for us to go on Monday! Along our drive is when we spotted mama and realized she was nursing/lactating. We couldn’t find kittens, but when we went back on Tuesday, mama started bringing them to us one by one!

She knew that we would help her and her babies! Through all of this, mama was the sweetest purring machine! Once settled at Miss G’s house in a crate with her babies, she was so relieved. She slept like a baby the entire night! Oh, and ate like a piggy! Making up for many missed meals!

The kittens are adorable, but we want to take a moment to give credit to their beautiful mama! She is AMAZING! A super mom! She deserves mama of the year award…seriously!

Mama who is only approx. a year old carried and gave birth to eight babies outside in a loud, filthy alley, with little protection from the elements. No one fed or cared for her, she ate garbage when she could find something edible.

She protected her babies and kept them alive and safe. Her petite, flea infested, weak, dehydrated body gave them everything that she had. Keep in mind, eight babies! This is an extremely large litter for an outdoor cat, and mama kept all eight alive! She is an INCREDIBLE MOM!”

mama cat and babies are safe with rescue (Kolony Kats)

Yesterday Kolony Kats dropped Mama the GREAT plus EIGHT off with Pat Maloney (P.A.L.S. Pet Adoption and Lifecare Society) where they are currently with P.A.L.S. foster Claire Vine and husband!

I truly believe cat rescuers are led to cats in need. Thanks to a set of circumstances falling exactly into place, this little family will go to good forever homes and mama will be put out of the ‘kitten making’ business.

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Elisa Black-Taylor

Elisa is an experienced cat caretaker and rescuer. She lives in the US. As well as being a professional photographer, Elisa has been a regular contributor to PoC for nine years. See her Facebook page.

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