‘Fate’ reunited Michigan woman with cat missing since 2014

A Fort Gratiot, Michigan woman is thankful after a walk with her foster dog last Friday night resulted in the reunion with her cat who went missing in 2014, Times Herald reported October 31.

photo courtesy Lisa Ullenbruch
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Lisa Ullenbruch noticed the cat following her and her foster dog on their nightly walk. The tabby cat had a small head and reminded her of her cat Sheiba who had been missing four years. In an interview with Times Herald, Lisa stated

“I thought, ‘no, that can’t be my cat.’ I called her name and she came running, and she followed me all the way home. I can’t tell you how ecstatic we were, it was just unbelievable.”

Sheiba had disappeared when she was three years old after being Lisa’s pet since she was only six weeks old.

This was an amazing reunion, as Lisa thought Sheiba had been hit on the side of a nearby road a few years ago. The cat had been removed before Lisa could get to it and have the microchip checked.

The family assumed Sheiba was dead. Lisa believes Sheiba was being cared for as a stray since the long lost kitty was in good health. Lisa kept her quarantined until the vet could examine and vaccinate her. The microchip was scanned and proved Lisa had found her cat.

While Lisa is thankful for the care Sheiba was given, she wants to remind people to have stray animals checked for a microchip and doesn’t want that family to go through what her family has gone through these past four years, saying

“I really do want those people to know she’s back home and in good hands again.”

We read about happy endings almost daily where a cat, sometimes missing for years, is reunited with the owner thanks to microchipping. Please remember cats can escape the home under a variety of circumstances. The odds are greatly in favor of a cat being returned if microchipping in done and the person who finds a stray cat actually has the cat scanned.

Was it ‘fate’ (be destined to happen, turn out, or act in a particular way) that brought Lisa and Sheiba together on that particular night on that particular street? Surely there was a higher power at work.

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