Father Christmas helps evacuate 33 cats from Florida before Hurricane Dorian’s landfall

Father Christmas helps in evacuation cats from Florida
Father Christmas helps in the evacuation of cats from Florida. Photo: Wisconsin Humane Society on FB.
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The Wisconsin Humane Society welcomed 33 cats who have been evacuated from some of Florida’s animal shelters to make room for companion animals that might be made homeless as a result of Hurricane Dorian’s landfall which is predicted to occur shortly (but may not). Apparently it has been difficult to predict the path of this particular hurricane.

In case people don’t know, animal shelters in America in times of natural disasters, like this, relocate existing cats and dogs at animal shelters to places which are out of the path of an incoming hurricane which frees up space at those shelters to accept cats and dogs who become homeless during the hurricane.

I think it’s a great team effort and there’s no place on earth where the transportation of rescue animals is carried out so effectively and efficiently as in America.

We are told on the Facebook page of the Wisconsin Humane Society that some of the cats may be available very quickly while others may need some treatment. The Wisconsin Humane Society is always looking for donations and foster carers. This sort of influx of cats must put demands upon them in those areas.

And of course the more adopters that come forward the more space there will be at their Milwaukee Campus (which we are told is open from 11am to 5pm) and other shelters.

Rescue cat flown in from Florida to Wisconsin to free up space for cats made homeless due to Hurrican Dorian
Rescue cat flown in from Florida to Wisconsin to free up space for cats who might be made homeless due to Hurrican Dorian. Photo: Wisconsin Humane Soc.

I published the picture at the top of the page because it caught my eye. I just thought that this natural Father Christmas epitomises the cheerful volunteer going about his business helping to save the lives of cats. He is Father Christmas who has come early. The volunteers who work in cat and dog rescue are fantastic people in my opinion. The network, and it is a very extensive network, could not function without them.

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