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Father Shoots Dog And Himself At Son’s Graveside — 6 Comments

  1. Sometimes people in their grief kill their pet because they have no guarantee that they will be looked after when they’ve gone – this I can understand and when I started reading I thought there was father and son and no one else, then I hear about a wife! She could have looked after the dog and he could have had a happy life how terribly sad 🙁

  2. I can appreciate how distraught this man must have been. All I can think of is that he must have been half out of his mind with grief not to have had the forethought to think what it all would do to his wife.
    I have no criticism for anyone who wants to do themselves in. But, leave me and my cats alone.

    • There is a good and bad way to commit suicide. Anyone who takes anybody or any animal with them is doing it in the bag away. The civilised and elegant way is to do it alone with minimal harm to anybody else.

  3. I’m very sorry for Mrs Hinchcliffe and understand that her husband may have killed himself while his mind was disturbed by grief, but any sympathy I would have felt for him was wiped out by the fact of him murdering the family dog and by his previous indiscriminate killing of whatever animals he hunted. He couldn’t face and accept loss when it came to him yet he hadn’t hesitated to take life himself, animals suffer from bereavement too but he didn’t use his experience of loss to learn and grow and stop taking lives, he just took the dogs and his own as well. Tragic all round.

  4. So poor Mrs Hinchcliffe who had already lost her son, has now lost her husband and the dog too who might have brought her a bit of comfort in her grief!
    How very selfish of Mr Hinchcliffe! There may not be ‘another side’ and if that’s so he will be oblivious to everything, as will poor Jake who didn’t choose to die to find out.

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