Fatwa: ‘Indoor cat breeding’ is forbidden within ISIS held territory

I presume that by “indoor cat breeding” they mean deliberate breeding of cats as opposed to free-roaming, unneutered cats breeding outside.

The fatwa (an Islamic law as I understand it) is said to be inline with their “vision, ideology and beliefs”. I am not sure how to interpret that seeing as their beliefs include the horrendous torture and murder of innocent people in the name of their religion.

The suffering people of Mosul have been warned to adhere to the ban and ISIS members are searching houses to enforce the ‘law’.

Ironically, there is some good in this law because the life of an unwanted cat in Iraq must be hell therefore to minimise their number makes sense. However, no doubt ISIS do not provide any veterinary services to spay and neuter cats. So how are cat owners to prevent breeding? Perhaps this bizarre law will lead to Mosul cats being released outside to become unwanted.

ISIS terrorist with kitten
ISIS terrorist with kitten
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It is ironic and hypocritical too that the ISIS jihadists have been advertising for recruits online by showing photos of fighters with kittens.

One ISIS Twitter feed called The Islamic State of Cat showed ISIS fighters playing with kittens.

There have been pictures of cats and kittens with explosive devices posted by ISIS.

ISIS cat and hand grenade
ISIS cat and hand grenade

There was a fatwa issued in Damascus urging residents to eat cats and dogs.

One ISIS terrorist, Israfil Yilmaz, received 10,000 marriage proposals after posting a picture of himself holding an adorable ginger kitten (see the photo above). The caption was:

“Soft towards the creation of Allah but fierce and harsh towards the disbelievers.”

You know what they say; cats can sell anything even the idea of joining terrorists to engage in mass killing and maiming. I get the impression that the jihadists interest in cats comes from the Prophet’s declarations about cats and his love for them. I expect that some of them may well have read an article I wrote years ago on the subject of the Islam faith and cats.

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