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FBI to Begin Tracking Animal Cruelty Cases — 16 Comments

  1. And not before time as well, the sexual abuse is a particular concern can;t help thinking that kids will be next with that one. there are some evil people in the world πŸ™

  2. This sounds like a really positive step forward. There’s already an established link between animal abuse and other criminal activities, so I’m very much in favour of offenders being registered on a national database.

    If the scheme is a success, then hopefully other countries will follow suit.

    • Oh DEE please not here in Pakistan
      as I have told what a police man can do to cats here πŸ™

      But if you think it is good to handle over the agency people to trace the tracks of cruelty but I have many a many aspects in my mind which have proven worst with the practical intervention of such agencies in any matter whether it is people or I am afraid cats / dogs????

      The agency people who don’t care about humanity aspects when they are ordered to do any ACTION, what will they suppose to do with animals which are already roaming unwanted by the people. Do you think they are really sincerely gonna safe FERAL CATS ??? specially cruelty cases???

      I don’t trust them, Are you sure they will??

      Lets wait until they start, then but I will reserve my opinion as NO, THEY WILL NOT.

      • You are very distrustful but sadly with good reason. It makes me wonder if there is something behind the FBI wanting to get involved in animal cruelty cases that we are not aware of.

        • Let the time come dear Michael! because until now, here in Pakistan, I have observed the agencies working for their own interest rather of the public.

          The states impose orders and the agencies break in two groups. One working for state officials and the other group working to gather data against state officials to black mail them in future where needed.

          That is all over the world not only in east. I am concerned about the Feral cats, what if the agencies of Pakistan are given orders to check the cruelty cases? They will check but I am sure that they will not be able to make any arrest possible because they will start getting earning through the cruel person to release him free.

          I always go for a system. This job can be done very easily through government intervention if there is a state organization (but not law enforcement agencies as they may only implicate the law) and that concerned org. may work properly for the security of cats.

          In Denmark, we had a commune system and public was secured (even pets) at that time (don’t know about now). If any one had a problem, they could go to commune and report it. The govt. acted as fast as possible. The best I have seen so far.

          That system was based on the welfare of humanity (public) and the surroundings, (even trees and flowers were protected).

          • Agreed. Ultimately animal welfare is down to the culture of society and their attitude towards animals. It is about individual people having the right attitude. Then you hardly need laws to enforce good animal welfare as it just happens. It takes many generations to develop this and laws can shape attitudes.

  3. This is a step in the right direction. I agree with Michael to some extent. A bigger worry is this may be abused by some who has a grudge against another person. I see more of these animal abuse cases over the news and social media nowadays which is really sad.

    • As you say the danger is abuse of the system both by the FBI and people who want to manipulate the FBI I suppose. When you read the news about cats pretty well all you read about is the cat being abused or being saved by a firefighter or somebody else. It is not that, it is about the excessive population of the feral cat.

  4. This sounds like a very good development to me provided the FBI do not abuse the information they receive. Provided also that this is not an extension of the current trend towards Big Brother dictating everything we do and spying on us.

    The good thing about it is that what criminologists might see as low-level crime namely animal abuse and cruelty is often linked to, and often leads to, much more serious crime and therefore it is overdue that this development happened.

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