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FDA pulled the Rug Out From Under Pet Food Consumers — 2 Comments

  1. Michael, This seems to cover what Susan Thixton’s (you’ve got it spelled incorrectly twice) article was about. I just read something that said pet food manufacturers may indicate that their food is human grade on their websites (it may or may not be) but inspection is only for labeling, so people can be misled by false claims on the websites. What a mess!

    All the more reason to make our own pet food, with “human grade” ingredients, like canned salmon, chicken, tuna, fresh ground meats with added supplements. Easy recipes are available online.

    • My apologies on the spelling of her name. I had read the article a few times and became blaise and complacent about checking. I have made the correction. To me this episode in pet food manufacture reinforces my belief that the manufacturers are very cynical and don’t truly have the health of pets at heart. I guess we know that but profit is No.1 on the list of priorties for these businesses.

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