Fearless domestic cat attacks Staffordshire bull terrier and owner (video)

Cat attack
Cat attack. Screenshot
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The cat must have perceived a territorial threat and made a pre-emptive attack on both the dog and the owner simultaneously. The cat might have been a female defending kittens. It is extraordinary. The dog owner falls to the ground while the cat continues to attack them both. The cat’s guardian tries, throughout the attack, to stop it. If you look closely the cat initially goes for the leg of the dog owner who falls over.

It happened in the UK so there is no possibility of the cat being trapped, euthanised and her head cut off to inspect the brain for a rabies infection as there is no rabies in the UK. Nothing will happen. There will be no reports to Animal Control or the police. If this happened in the USA the cat’s life would be probably terminated for a rabies threat. That’s not a criticism of the USA, it’s just the way it is because rabies is present.

The cat has been described as crazy. That’s incorrect. There is a good reason for it and I’ve mentioned two possibles above.

The fearless domestic cat attacks a Staffordshire bull terrier and its owner – video

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