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Fearless domestic cat has attacked 10 dogs — 2 Comments

  1. Well, I don’t know how common this is. I have seen my own cats go after dogs for an obviously acceptable reason: to protect a child under attack or keep a menacing pit bull at a safe distance. I’m reminded of a woman I saw practically in a panic about walking past a tiny cat on the local promenade where I’ve been caring for them. All the cat did was hunch up and stand there (obviously in fear herself of the large dog who obviously wasn’t afraid at all) and I thought the woman was pathetic, paralyzed with fear. I had to step up and walk her past the tiny cat. I believe if she had a gun she might have used it. People really shouldn’t live so far into a bubble that they are afraid of things they don’t need to be. I think if you’re unable to walk a dog, you shouldn’t do it. If I see her again I think I’ll say “boo” to see if she throws the leash up in the air and runs for her life.

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