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Fearless Fish Makes Cat Crazy — 3 Comments

  1. I’m not sure the fish even knows what is going on. They have a very short term memory and I’m sure the information its senses are taking in do not register as a threat. The cat is just being a cat. Cute video.

    Found another one of us. A lady from church cannot have cats in her house due to her severe asthma, so she took to feeding strays/ferals in our neighborhood. She and her husband have TNR’s all but one of their eight furry friends. I knew Sister Taysom was a good woman, no I know why.

    A Facebook friend’s 8 year old daughter has taken in a litter of kittens abandoned by the mother. The neighbor was just going to let them fend for themselves, but the girl said no! Good for her!

    • Nice stories of love for cats. I love that lady who has given her love for cats to ferals because she can’t have cats in her home. A nice and useful way of being involved with cats when you have asthma or an allergy to cats.

      I believe fish are smarter than we believe. I believe this fish might now what is going on. Just not sure what 😉

  2. The kitten isn’t crazy, she’s just doing what cats do.
    I think fish are a lot more intelligent too than we give them credit for, they know they are safe behind glass, that one almost looked to be enjoying the game.
    Ours used to come to the side of the tank to see our cats.

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