Feed Your Cats a Vegan/Vegetarian Diet Advised by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Since felines are obligate carnivores; to keep our domestic kitties in the best of health and condition, it’s essential to feed them a species-appropriate diet; one in which meat is the main ingredient.

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Unfortunately however for cats, the majority of popular cat food manufacturers continue to advertise ad-nauseum the benefits of dry cat food, touting the “incredible health benefits” that cats will get from their totally nutritionally balanced products.

Since even the highest quality grain-free dry foods are high in carbohydrates, are devoid of water- an essential ingredient cats require; it’s apparent to many feline experts that dry food is not a species-appropriate diet. So why do these cat food manufactures persist peddling a food that is inappropriate for felines? Follow the money, honey- making ways to feed cats conveniently is a great sales pitch!

Not only is feeding dry food extremely convenient for cat owners, (as opposed to the proper way wet food should be handled), it’s perfectly safe to leave a bowl of dry food out all day so the cat may enjoy a tasty snack whenever desired.

But even though dry food doesn’t provide cats with optimum nutrition, what’s even worse for felines is to feed them a vegan diet. Although this writer understands and appreciates what may motivate people to choose this lifestyle; since humans are omnivores, vegan diets are perfectly acceptable.

What makes this writer want to pull her hair out is that PETA still continues to recommend that cat owners feed their kitties with a meatless diet! Not only is this highly dangerous, it is completely insane!

Although the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States gives PETA the right to make such an outlandish suggestion, I think that it’s completely irresponsible for the organization to attempt to force their ideologies on cat owners. I guess they don’t quite get it that the feline’s anatomy anatomy is not at all equipped to eat a meatless diet. PETA’s suggestion is not only inappropriate; it is actually perilous for cats.

As obligate carnivores (obligate meaning obligatory), the cat’s anatomy was designed to prosper on a high protein diet. There are many reasons why cats will not thrive on vegetable protein, or to utilize energy from carbohydrate sources. Amylase is an enzyme that is necessary for digesting starches. Felines are missing this enzyme in their saliva and they have very little in their intestines. Cats also have a shorter digestive tract than most animals. The cat’s molars and premolars are not designed for grinding up their food.

According to an article in Scientific American, Marla McGeorge DVM, a feline specialist at Portland, Oregon’s Best Friends Veterinary Medical Center asserts that that forcing a cat to become vegan or vegetarian is unwise because cats need the essential amino acids that are not found in a meatless diet. Additionally, Vegan/vegetarian diets are too high in carbohydrates which the feline digestive system is not designed to digest.

Although manufacturers of vegan/vegetarian diets claim that their products are formulated with powdered supplements to assure proper digestion and complete nutrition for felines and other carnivores, Dr. McGeorge says that these formulations may not be easily absorbed as the “real thing” by felines.

This writer thinks that PETA needs to “get a life”! If they are claiming to treat animals “ethically”, suggesting that vegan/vegetarian cat owners stop feeding their cats meat protein diets, PETA is certainly not being “ethical” or even humane.

While offering a kitty a small piece of fruit or vegetable as a treat is not harmful, (and some cats truly enjoy a bit of banana or cantaloupe), switching them over to a vegan/vegetarian diet is the most species inappropriate one of all.

What’s your opinion about feeding cats a vegan/vegetarian diet? Tell us in a comment.

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  1. P.E.T.A. started out, many years ago, as a good group. Since then they have gone to the dark side. They are so out in the ozone that they are dangerous to animals. Cats need meat. That simple.


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