Feeding Feral Cats Causes Problems Again

Feeding Feral Cats Causes Problems Again

by Michael

In a post I made over a couple years ago was pretty much about the same thing with different consequences. It concerned an old women feeding feral cats as part of a TNR program. She was persecuted by people and her actions forced a change in the law concerning feral cats.

This time in Feb 2012 we have a family man who likes cats a lot and who cannot let feral and stray go unattended when they are obviously hungry. He shows compassion. He is obviously a decent person but he got the sack because of his compassion and concern. He also found the process of feeding feral cats relaxing.

The man is Larry Ottoviani. He has been ill himself and his wife is ill and his son has disabilities. His sacking will cause severe financial difficulties.

He had worked for the 7 Up Bottling Company for seven years. They say he was jeopardising the company in feeding cats because it could be seen as being in breach of US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which places an obligation on the company to ensure the area around the plant be maintained in a condition that protects against food contamination.

However, Mr says he was feeding the cats outside work hours and off company grounds. In addition the cats were undergoing a trap, neuter and return program. He was therefore doing work in his own time off company premises that helped protect the company from food contamination.

This assessment is made on the basis that feral cats are a risk to food contamination in the first place. I am not sure they are especially when they are not on the premises. I think you would have difficulty proving that the feral cats were a risk to health and safety in the first place.

Anyway, it is another story of caring for cats that has affected the carer very badly indeed. There are thousands of examples of this across the USA. On PoC alone there are several stories that have caused a lot of upset for the person who cares for feral cats even when it is part of a TNR program.

There are many people who don’t like people feeding feral cats. It is a problem area. I can understand the concern but if feeding feral cats is part of TNR, people should be pleased surely, as it reduces feral cat numbers over time. Perhaps people don’t understand.

See the original story.

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Feeding Feral Cats Causes Problems Again

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Feb 06, 2012
never got sick NEW
by: kathy W

I worked in apet shop for 13 years. I never once got sick nor did anyone around me. I also didnt live in such a clean house, because I was mentally ill. I nor my family ever got sick and we had an iguana that we handled regularly, who are supposed to be carriers of salmonella, and we also never got sick. I had birds rodents and 13 cats all in my house. While working at the pet shop we ususllly were eating snacks while we worked and cleaned cages. I know it sound gross but I ate snacks while cleaning rat cages and Im sure my hands werent that sanitary. Those people were just looking for an excuse to get rid of this poor man. People are such cat haters and people haters. Hating even those that are trying to do good in this world.

Feb 06, 2012
Sorry for Larry Otoviani NEW
by: Ruth

I’m very sorry for Larry Otoviani and his family that his doing such a good deed had lost him his job.
Why can’t people understand that not feeding feral cats causes an even worse problem because they then need to scavenge for their food and be a pest to people who don’t like cats !
TNR can’t be effective unless the cats get used to being fed in a certain place, then when the food is put in the trap and the cat goes in they can be taken to be neutered and returned and won’t breed any more.
Then eventually the colony dies out.
It’s so logical it’s hard to understand why Larry Otoviani’s employers don’t see that !
I hope someone is fighting his case for him.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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