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  1. Would this be appropriate for an elderly cat? My Twinkie is 16 years-old, has lost about 1/3 of her weight, and is now on canned food. She prefers the strips with gravy, but licks up the liquid and leaves about half the meat. I give her a spoonful at a time, about 1/4 can, let her feed and then return the remaining strips to the can to be recovered with gravy. I feed her on demand. Maybe this product would help her eat a little more. She seems fairly content, is alert and active (goes up and down stairs & onto beds & sofas). She has no potty problems and spends most of the day with me. I have used Nutri-Cal ($6.99 on Amazon for a 4.25 oz. tube) in the past for a cat with FIP, but I like the fact that Viyo is a liquid, and this might be something Twinkie would like. What do you all think? The picture I am attaching is from about 6 years ago–she is smaller and scruffier now.

    • Would this be appropriate for an elderly cat?

      Yes, I am feel sure it is. Twinkie seems like a 16 year-old-cat in decent shape for her age and her eating habits are pretty typical – eating the very tasty stuff (all the flavoring is in the jelly and gravy) but leaving the “cardboard” as I call it.

  2. Yes Viyo is a staple with the cats! Have been using it for a couple of years now for sick malnourished or underdeveloped cats and kittens! The key is to keep them eating we found Harris Teeter Rotisserie chicken is very appealing to them! Pedialyte to hydrate!

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