Feeding Tuna To A Cat

by Teresa
(Southampton ON Canada)

On way to loft

On way to loft

On way to loft He sleeps atop the cabinets Plumed

Reggie's favorite diet is canned tuna in water. He has that three times a day. I give him a few 'dental' treats with it. There is also a bowl of Whiskas, he goes through less than a cup a week.

The tuna turns bad quickly so I freeze meal size portions. He actually likes it with frost on it!
Price wise it's cheaper than cans of cat food and isn't taxed. It smells better too, at both ends.

I tried raw chicken bits and salmon, he walked away from it. He will eat mashed vegetables and dried potato flakes as a side dish.

At 8 months, he weighs 10 pounds but has a large frame. He spends his days speeding after birds and squirrels. His coat is shiny and his eyes are bright.


Hi Teresa.. Thanks for sharing. Sorry I changed the title. I did so because it is an interesting topic and people search for "Feeding Tuna To A Cat", so hopefully they will find this page and the comments that I hope are made.

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Feeding Tuna To A Cat

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Apr 17, 2012 Reggie NEW
by: Ruth (Monty's Mom)

I love the way Reggie sleeps on top of the cupboards in your kitchen. He looks like he's really happy up there.

My cat gets tuna sometimes, but not all the time. A friend of mine fed her cat tuna exclusively for wet food and some dry cat food also all his life. He got cancer of the mouth, which took his life at 18 years old and I've wondered if maybe a diet of all just one type of food put him more at risk for this? Of course, he was 18 -- I suppose his age was a risk factor for all kinds of things. I try to provide variety for Monty-- different types of wet cat food and tuna, sardines or salmon at times if I'm having some. I feel like the variety is a protection for him if one type of food isn't giving him all the nutrients he needs, or if there is a problem with one food. Elisa, a regular contributor at PoC, has written a lot about a natural diet for cats. She doesn't rely much on commercial brands, but she does make sure her cats are still getting all the nutrition they need. There's a tab for Elisa's articles-- if you scroll through them you should find some good information, and I'm sure she'd be happy to help with any questions.

Apr 15, 2012 tuna topic NEW
by: Teresa

Thank you for the information regarding the tuna.
Reg does not like chicken and since I don't eat beef, he doesn't either.
With all the cats I've had, none were given can cat food because of the high water content and filler. Most were happy with dry food. Reg is the first to eat tuna.

These are the nutrients in Tuna:
omega-3 fatty acids 300mg
Energy 200 cal.
Carbohydrates 0 g
Fat 8 g
Protein 29 g
Water 60 g
Vitamin A equiv.23 μg (3%)
Choline 29 mg (6%)
Vitamin D 269 IU (45%)
Calcium 13 mg (1%)
Iron 1.4 mg (11%)
Magnesium 31 mg (9%)
Phosphorus 311 mg (44%)
Potassium 207 mg (4%)

I supplement with the Temptations All Natural, it meets the nutritional standards of AAFO as well as several other brands.

The Whiskas is always available for a snack.

Apr 15, 2012 Feeding Tuna NEW
by: Barbara

Your cat is beautiful but my own personal opinion is that I wouldn't feed a cat exclusively on tuna, most cats love tuna and in fact can become addicted to it so that they won't eat anything else, I've had experience of this and the habit does take some breaking but cats are by nature meat eaters and not, as some people think, fish eaters this is because they need taurine in their diets which is obtained from meat. Tuna as an occasional treat is fine but not as a lifelong diet, your cat is very young and still growing and I'd like to suggest you alter his diet to include some good quality manufactured wet cat food (you can get tuna flavoured cat food too)which has all the vitamins and nutrients he needs. To start with you would probably have to mix the cat food with the tuna starting with a larger % of tuna to a smaller % of wet food and gradually make the tuna content smaller and the cat food content larger. Don't take my word for it, Google the subject there is a wealth of information about the effects of tuna on a cat's health, here is one link for starters.

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Apr 14, 2012 It works
by: Michael

Hi...the diet works, it seems, but just one thing came to mind, thiamine deficiency in cats who just eat fish, usually raw fish (I realize that canned tuna is not raw fish).

Thiamine Deficiency In Cats.

I am not sure if the variety of tuna that you feed Reggie will cause a thiamine deficiency but there is the potential for it. Although he seems very healthy.

Thanks for sharing. I advocate a mix of some tuna (as a treat) and high quality wet (as the mainstay) and other treats.

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Feeding Tuna To A Cat — 2 Comments

  1. Good grief. This cat is probably dead from mal nutrition by now. Tuna isn’t even good for cats and to feed it exclusively is down right animal abuse. Tuna is not balanced for cats.

    Canned cat food contains the water that cats need for optimal health. Feed your cat a good quality canned food, or learn how to make your won cat food raw or cooked, but properly balanced.

    • Yes, totally agree. Just because a cat likes tuna it does not mean he should be fed it all the time. As you state a carefully balanced diet is need for cats. The cat is quite inflexible in his diet compared to dogs and humans.

      Also, on a different matter, tuna is overfished massively and we are making the tuna extinct in the wild. I think it is time to rethink eating tuna. The Japanese are the worst in this regard.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting catmother.

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