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Feeding tuna to a cat – good and bad — 2 Comments

  1. Good grief. This cat is probably dead from mal nutrition by now. Tuna isn’t even good for cats and to feed it exclusively is down right animal abuse. Tuna is not balanced for cats.

    Canned cat food contains the water that cats need for optimal health. Feed your cat a good quality canned food, or learn how to make your won cat food raw or cooked, but properly balanced.

    • Yes, totally agree. Just because a cat likes tuna it does not mean he should be fed it all the time. As you state a carefully balanced diet is need for cats. The cat is quite inflexible in his diet compared to dogs and humans.

      Also, on a different matter, tuna is overfished massively and we are making the tuna extinct in the wild. I think it is time to rethink eating tuna. The Japanese are the worst in this regard.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting catmother.

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