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People want to know how the word Felidae fits into a sentence. I think it is a good question because the word is technical and it is not obvious as to how the word is used.

Felidae is a Latin word used by scientists to give a name to the family of cats. Scientists like to use Latin. Historically it was used and is now an established language in the science of taxonomy (the classification of the species of the world).

Here are some examples of how the word is used.

  1. The Siberian tiger is part of the Felidae family, which includes large and small cats.
  2. Members of the Felidae have flexible bodies and muscular limbs.
  3. Felidae is the biological family of cats. (taken from Wikipedia)
  4. Domestic cats are part of a group or family of animals called the Felidae.
  5. In the Felidae, the penis bone is shorter than in dogs.
  6. All species in the Felidae family require meat in their diet to survive.

I think you’ll find that normally, unless Felidae is the first word in a sentence ‘the’ is a prefix to the word. And it is always capitalized (writing a word with its first letter as a capital letter). I hope this helps.

If you can provide better examples, please leave a comment.

Click to hear how Felidae is said. And read about the taxonomy of domestic cats.

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