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Feline aids – a detailed look at FIV — 7 Comments

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  2. PS: Well socialised FIV+ and FIV- cats can live happily and safely together too 🙂

    All it takes is a little common sense and real knowledge about the virus.

  3. Would it be possible to amend this article with some up to date information about transmission of FIV and to avoid using the term “Feline AIDS”

    Glasgow University Vet School have some definitive research on the subject.

    Catwork Sanctuary have long provided reliable and sensible information on this virus and how to successfully manage cats who have the virus.

    Use of the term “Feline AIDS” does nothing but cause hysteria and keep people ignorant of the true nature of this virus. The FAIDS part is only relevant when a cat reaches the terminal stage of the condition and has full immune system collapse.

    Often people use the term Feline AIDS because they assume that everyone knows what AIDS is because of HIV. Unfortunately, most people are hugely ignorant about HIV too. Thousands of healthy cats are needlessly killed every year by vets and rescues (including RSPCA and Cats Protection) due to profound ignorance about the virus.

    If you tracked 1000 cats with FIV, 1000 cats without the virus and 1000 cats of unknown status, and determined what killed them, you would be unable to see any difference between the groups in what carried them off this mortal coil.

    If cats with FIV are well cared for, they live long, normal healthy lives.

    Please contact Catwork, they will give you some really accurate information about this virus.


    • Thanks Jane. I wrote this years ago and the title is based on search engine optimisation principles. In other words people search for “feline aids”. I take your point. A point well made.

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