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Feline And Canine Pyometra — 10 Comments

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  3. Trixie,the first cat i owned that lived with us for 12 years succumbed to Pyometra.I have documented her life and the same can be read on :-http://trixiethecatthatlivedits9lives.blogspot.in/

  4. Please don’t wait until you think your kitten is out of heat, because it’s unreliable to go by symptoms. Anyway, it’s far better she should be spayed in heat than when she’s pregnant, or has pyometra. Spaying a cat before age 6 months reduces the risk for malignant mammary (breast) cancer by *91%*! There is still significant protection if the cat is spayed before 1 year of age, but not if she’s older. Delaying the spay surgery also dramatically increases the likelihood she will start spraying urine all over your home (yes, intact females spray, too!). Fortunately, spaying is the cure for that as well!

    • I agree. Even when you think they’re out of heat they may not be. Lola was in heat when spayed and she did fine. The shelter I rescued from did spays on pregnant female all the time and those cats also did well.

    • Shelter cats are spayed before leaving my private DVM wanted to wait till my last kits were at least 6 months old even though they were in excellent health raised in the house babies. I protested and she reluctantly agreed to do it at about 5 1/2 months.
      On the other hand our Mercy was spayed at 8 weeks before being adopted out. I wasn’t her first home as she was dumped back at the shelter a few weeks later. She did have an extensive list of issues that had been treated but she lived in a feral colony until 4 weeks. Records indicate that she was just under two lbs when spayed.

  5. Thanks for this – my kitten just went into heat for the first time. I’m not sure how long to wait before getting her spayed since i dont want to do it while she is in heat.

    • Our Lola stayed in heat. Would go out and it would be back in less than a week. Had a months wait for the clinic to get her a spot. She was in heat at time of surgery and not displaying heat behavior. Lola was just under a year old when we had her done. Furby had his done at 5 months and only a weeks wait for a spot at the clinic.

      Poor Abby was in serious pain. Her mom luckily had pain meds left from Abbys bladder surgery and was able to keep her dosed.

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