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Feline Behaviors that People may Find Bizarre but are Logical to Cats — 10 Comments

  1. Abby (Maine Coon) loves affection and does the slow eye blink. If I don’t lavish her wish affection when demanded, she goes through a series of strong head bunts and meows that pitiful meow like she’s being neglected. Shadow (grey tomcat) likes attention but is very particular as to how he’s pet. He has chronic dental disease (even with no teeth except canines) and constantly on Clavamox – it never heals totally due to FIV+. Unlike Abby, he’ll not give me the eye blink, but will respond to mine and jump up on the bed and forcefully nudge his head under my hand for pets. He especially loves scratches on the side of his face (we know…pheromones) and occasionally under the chin, but very short pets.

    Abby loves to jump on the bathroom sink to drink from the tap; shadow loves his dry kibble (yes, he eats it) with a lot of water so it floats around. He drinks the water and eats the kibble (softened in the water).

    Sometimes I come home and find Shadow sleeping on my bathrobe – I understand because it’s got my scent on it. Abby loves to sleep on top of the DVR (for the warmth I assume). Abby loves bouncing and catnip toys; Shadow loves chasing around a paper Dixie cup (small one from the bath). Abby loves to hide in paper bags; Shadow loves empty boxes. Of course it makes sense; both of them are a hoot!

    The one thing they both do is sit by their bowls mostly patiently because I refuse to feed them if they’re carrying on. I just leave the room and let them chase after me. They finally understand ‘sit’ and with the hand signal saying ‘wait’ whilst I prepare their food. That one is amazing…not saying they both don’t complain about it – Abby meows and Shadow squeaks!

  2. My kits do exactly the above 🙂 The Budster goes a step further cruising quickly from outside, in through the flaps, onto the counter, fridge, up to the top of the wall…balancing back and forth the length of the wall, then coming down and snuggling.. Why all the prelude to snuggling? I think he is letting me know that he is still in control, that he has ‘got it’ at his older age of 13 going on 14 human years old.

  3. This is a difficult one for me, Jo, as I was conceived, born and raised “with cat” so cat behavior is as “normal” to me as (rational, intelligent and kind) human behavior! But my Rani, who is 18, likes to bite my clothes, and I am convinced that she does this to draw my attention to the fact that she hasn’t been fed in at least five minutes and that I had better hop to it if I don’t want more of the same! 😉

  4. “Then of course, when darling kitty is behaving lovingly and asking for a petting session and the compliant servant picks her up to oblige her request, therefore stroking her affectionately, when all of a sudden, from seems to be out of the blue, this sweet, docile kitty who has so far been purring contentedly attacks the stroking hand with extended claws or sinks or teeth, and the puzzled guardian may retaliate with a smack.”

    A smack? Not in a million years.
    Why else would I be riddled from head to toe with scars? I am smacked, consistently, when out of line.

    Some cats, especially my ferals, react logically to perceived danger and strike out when they must. Each one of the 75 have their own degree of trust with me, and it is my job to keep it all in my demented brain. Forgetting can be hurtful.

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