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Feline Dementia: Cats Are Living Too Long — 2 Comments

  1. Cats and humans have almost the same diseases and the most frightening is Dementia and Cancer.Hope my cats and me don’t succumb to these two diseases as finally death is inevitable to both humans and animals.

  2. Anipryl is the same med used for humans and most commonly known as Eldepryl. As you describe, it’s mostly used in dogs. Cats have received it too, but rarely. I’m not sure why. It may just be that many more dogs are taken to the vet with cognitive issues than cats. It could, also, be that cognitive dysfunction is easier to assess in a dog than a cat.

    In any case, I would be very cautious before considering this drug for an elderly cat. It’s very toxic for the liver and, even if a liver profile was normal prior, the cat still has an old organ that I wouldn’t want to insult with Anipryl. I wouldn’t want to have the guilt of putting my beloved pet in liver failure.

    Cats are living longer and so are we. I’m growing old along with some of mine. Maybe we’ll be demented together, pee all over the house, and howl all night.

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