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  1. my cat had surgery in may 2012 for fibrosircoma. he’s losing a little hair now at the site of surgery. does this mean the cancer is coming back?

    • I’ll answer as best I can from two angles:

      • Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook at page 131 “Diseases with Hair Loss” makes no reference to fibrosarcoma causing hair loss.
      • If the hair had grown back in that area after the surgery but there is now a gradual hair loss in the same area, to me, on a common sense basis, it would indicate that some sort of damage has occurred to the cells in that layer of the skin (the dermis). This may be caused by cancer it seems to me.
    • I would have thought there might be some very localised hair loss where the cancer was removed. But I would also have thought that this would not be hair loss as such but a permanent lack of hair at the precise site of the operation. Perhaps there is some damage to the skin in the area caused by the operation that was unintended. This is a pure guess. Like I said if the hair grew back in the area and then failed to grow and was lost it would indicate a disease in that area.

  2. My kitty was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma in February 2012, although the surgery was done prior to the diagnosis for reasons of being proactive and the tumour being relatively small. When my kitty had the surgery done, the vet removed a larger area than needed. The tumour was the size of a nickel and the incision was 5-6 centimeters long. I’m going to assume that your vet removed your kitty’s eye as a proactive measure. The greater the surgical margin, meaning the more aggressive and drastic the intital surgery is, the better chance that it will not spread or return. This type of cancer is unfortunately aggresive, however, if you keep taking your kitty for checkups, then a return of cancer can be caught right away and removed again. All the best to you and your kitty! My thoughts are with you!

    • This is more of a question than reply. My cat has a lump on her back and vet is sending me to a surgeon and oncology clinic tomorrow. I have read a lot on fibrosarcoma tumors and wondered how your kitty was doing. I had to euthanize my baby girl in june (she was about 13), my baby boy last wednesday (approx 14) and now I get this new. I have spent a absolute fortune on vets, in home euthanasia and cremations. Will have tumor biopsied and will need to make decision on what to do. Seems like cases have had tumor reappear in few months even with chemo and radiation. Don’t want to go there and cant afford it. If u can help at all please email me please. Thank u, Renee

  3. few months ago my cat has been diagnose by tumour Fibrosarcoma in his lower eyelid,Recently on the 26th june 2012 he had an operation by remove his right eye.do you think the tumour is all gone and if not after how long it thr tunour comes back?

    • Hi Carmen. It seems that the tumor was large as your veterinarian removed the entire eye rather than part of the eyelid. That might indicate that there is a greater chance that the cancer may have spread. If caught early the prognosis is better.

      However, I am unable to answer your question. I would have thought that your vet couldn’t answer it with certainty.

      I am afraid you will have to watch your cat and wait or ask your vet some more questions!

      Thanks for visiting and asking. And good luck to you both.

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