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Feline herpes running rapid in catteries across U.S.?? — 4 Comments

  1. I was sold a $1200. devon Rex kitten with the FHV-1 and FVR virus. Known as the feline”Herpes virus. I am positive she was aware, because she sent eyecream and lysine home with the kitten! Who’s eye was sick at the time. She also never gave us our registration papers and refuses to produce them! She let me spend almost a thousand dollars trying to figure out the problem. Even after I called here every time the kitten was at the vets horribly sick! 5 times in less then 9 months. She refuses to talk on the phone after the test came back positive. She does text ” NO WORRIES” and “I WORRY to much.” I have never heard of this disease but if I had known I would not have taken a very I’ll kitten that will need treatment on and off her entire life and is in danger of getting pneumonia at any time and dieing. I feel ripped off and betrayed. This breeder first name Hellen was horrible to me and my kitten and is only concerned about the bottom dollar!!!! Beware it’s all fine and dandy till you catch her in several lies and diseption. She also delayed giving us our kitten for over 4 weeks stating it was weight issue..( said she was to skinny to leave) I would bet any money the kitten was sick. Hence all the meds that she sent home with the kitten.

    • Thanks for sharing Anna. Your story is a classic bad breeder story and I am very sorry this happened both for you and your cat. It is very sad.

  2. We just got 2 “dollface” persian kittens. For the exact reason that they WOULDN’T have all the associated breathing/tearing issues. However, the female has an infected eye ulcer, that MAY end up taking her sight in that one eye. The Vet said that up to 80% of ALL cats carry the Feline Herpes Virus, which is what SHE believes caused this kittens eye ulcer. We are devastated! And YES, it’s very very contagious! Luckily, the boy kitten is completely healthy…go figure. We’ve only had the kittens 10 days, but are already incredibly emotionally attached. We’re waiting 24 hours and then going back to the Vet for the final decision on the eye, before making any concrete decisions. IF we can save the eye, we want to keep the kitten! If not, as much as we love her already, we didn’t spend our hard earned money to buy a blind cat, plain and simple. We have let the breeders know what’s going on and they’ve been very supportive the whole way thru. BUT, we just dropped the “H” (herpes) bomb on them this evening in an email…we’ll see how they respond to THAT. (Fingers crossed) They’ve been breeding for 24 yrs. and are A+ accredited with the BBB. So hopefully that says a lot about their integrity, character and CSI! (Customer Satifaction Index) We’ll see!

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