Feline Hyperthyroidism Can Help Improve Kidney Function

This is a ‘quicky health tip’ from Dr Fogle which might prove handy to the caretaker of old cats. Both hyperthyroidism and chronic kidney disease are common in older cats and therefore might be present at the same time.

Hyperthyroidism increases the blood supply to the kidneys. This can improve their function which is obviously useful at a time when they are failing. One disease might help alleviate the effects of another.

Depending on the individual cat and his particular circumstances, it is suggested that a decision could be made to leave the hyperthyroidism untreated in the best interests of the sick cat.

This advice might prove useful when attending the veterinary clinic for treatments. It always helpful if a cat caretaker has some knowledge of cat health when discussing treatments although it should not be the cause of argument with the vet!

Some input from the cat’s owner can also help a vet make up his mind. It helps the decision making process, I feel.

2 thoughts on “Feline Hyperthyroidism Can Help Improve Kidney Function”

  1. Makes sense that any condition which causes an increase in cardiac output could help other conditions. Unfortunately, a racing heart takes it’s toll on a cat. I think that I would rather have my elderly cat treated for hyperthyroidism instead of having them drop dead from a myocardial infarction.

  2. This is very interesting information. I wonder if it’s common knowledge and practice among vets? It motivates me to do some research. Can you give Dr.Fogle’s website?
    There are several Dr.Fogle vets online.


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