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Feline IBD and a Raw Diet — 5 Comments

  1. My cat was a rescue she came to me on a salmon dry cat food she was a little overweight my vet put her on royal Cannin calorie control dry and canned she did OK on this till the diarrhea and sight vomiting started about year and half later after reading the calorie control canned has carrageenan in it which I read is not great could it also be my fault I was letting her lick my cottage cheese and yogurt dish? Any thoughts? The raw food really Scare’s me

    • Don’t try raw unless you are absolutely sure. It is tricky. I would doubt that the Canine dry cat food caused the diarrhoea. I am unsure, however. Anyway changing her diet will certainly test that. I am unable to provide more information to be honest. If a cat eats a bit of human food that is no problem really as long as the remaining diet is good cat food and balanced. I don’t think cottage cheese and yoghurt is a problem as long as it is very small amounts.

  2. I worry about the safe side of raw food with bacteria even human food is not that safe why can’t these companies come up with a safe quality food that actually works

  3. I guess with animals with that Ibd, it would be hard to find an ideal diet.Finding the right kind of food would be hard but i agree with what your saying Marc. Sometimes its hard to know what food we are giving them is the right stuff. Thankfully I’ve been lucky as most of mine haven’t suffered any of that, but are mindful as smokey is getting up to the mature age soon being 7. Its good to know what is out there, good article.

  4. I automatically assume that any food made by a company larger than about 10 people is compromised in ways that save money and lower quality. The only way a comapny can survive making cat food is to stoop the the cheap levels of the others in order to stay in business. That is probably therefore why there’s only about 3 cat food companies that own everything.

    Anything that is made by a corporation is made in a way to maximise the profits of that corporation whilst being disguised as something that is entirely for the customer. In this case the customer is the cat though so they don’t even have to try very hard because as long as the cat ‘appears’ to like the food then they have succeeded.

    Seriously – those evil ba$tard$ working in those disgusting companies and factories. They all deserve to rot. They probably refuse to see the consequences of their actions even when asked about it. These people have little anecdotes which they use to rationalize their evil insane behaviour. Little opposing arguments that they recite as an end to the discussion, claiming that it means they are correct to ignore questions and criticisms. Ignorance is a very confounding and impossible to negotiate with in a civilised manner. Without it cat food would probably be a whole lot better.

    Even in humans IBD is very hard to pinpoint and treat because it can be caused by so many different things. So I can understand that for cats it’s probably much worse even just because it’s already difficult but added to that a cat doesn’t talk and can’t say how much it had for dinner or how it felt after eating certain foods etc etc – which humans can do, and they still can’t prevent irritable bowels. Alot of cats must be suffering quite alot I would have to assume. Especially because they hide pain and discomfort very well.

    Because commercial food is basically evil I will slowly wean them over to raw food which I will buy in human shops. I trust the meat they give humans but I don’t trust the meat they give animals. So it’d have to be human grade meat – organic/free range/humanely reared – and then prepared by me and probably frozen in meal sized pieces. I guess that if I can get them eating raw food – and not eating carbohydrates – that they will surely have good healthy digestion as a result. It’s just logical.

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