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      • Both boyz have a few battle scars hidden under their fur and Walt had scraped his heel when we took that photo of him relaxing, but thankfully it grew back and both furry jackets and all their bits are intact, apart from their manly bits of course, for their own good. They live their lives to the full indoors and out, which is as it should be.

        • I don’t know how Jozef isn’t baldy round his head and neck and chin the way he scrapes at his spa in the mornings, it’s got plastic teeth sticking up like an upside down hairbrush and he grinds his chin on it so hard, if we did it it would surely take the skin off! I call it getting shaved, when he’s doing it I say “Jo is just getting shaved, he’ll be down soon”. I suspect that might have been the cause of one or two baldy bits over the years but he loves doing it.

  1. Walter never misses anything going on in the Grove, when we had the awful neighbours whenever there was noise outside through the night either him or me or both of us would be up looking out of the bedroom window,the morning there was the dawn drugs raid a few doors along he was in the front row to watch the goings on. He gets up anytime a car comes into the Grove through the night or if he hears anything unusual, or cats fighting, or pretty much anything really. He goes into Ruth and Jozef’s room as well and checks out the back to make sure all is well. If he sees anything that needs investigating while he’s looking out during the day or the evening we hear a big THUMP and then his feet running down the stairs, if he’s seen something out the back he goes to the back door, if it’s out the front he goes to the front. I sometimes wonder what he thinks about glass, being able to see through certain parts of the wall and not others, how did he ever learn that he was seeing through the glass to the outside? Cats are just so clever.

  2. Great poster and concept! I’m involved in our neighborhood watch too. I found Monty while I was out delivering the newsletters for our block watch. I’m the blockhead, ha, ha. The police department discourages that term. We’re supposed to say block captain. Whatever.

    Monty is probably an 9/10 on the nosiness scale, simply because he so loves to watch humans do stuff. In the spring our neighbor will be gardening, tending plants near the back fence, and Monty goes right up to the fence and peers at her through the gaps between the boards. I wonder if she notices from the other side that she is being stared at by a black cat. I think at least 50% of his motivation for climbing trees is to look down into neighboring yards to see what is going on. Sometimes he will peer through the fence on the side of the yard at the doings at the four family building two doors up the road from us. When he does this I sometimes pick a different spot and peer through the fence also, both of us gaping at the neighbors, curious about what they are doing. Like feline, like human.

    • Oh blockhead is a funny term lol we are called co-ordinators here but I can see where it’s from, that you are the head of your block, we’d have to be called streetheads lol
      Yes Monty is high on the scale of nosiness.
      When we had Popsy she used to come round the houses with us delivering the circulars and sometimes Jozef starts out with me, until he finds an interesting story on a blade of grass. Walter never ‘helps’ us, he’s too busy lol and frightened if the dog in the house barks, he hates dogs.

  3. Fabulous poster Ruth roflol about Walter’s busy time doing his neighbourhood watch it’s the way you tell it and Josef said he had the wrong idea cos it wasn’t about spying lol lol those cats of yours should write a book.

    • Yes crazy cat ladies make their cats have conversations lol
      But I think you can just imagine what a cat is saying, by the expression on his face and then put it into words for them.
      It’s obvious that Jozef thinks Walter is quite insane at times lol

        • It’s just a graphic from a CD but looks very like our dear little Popsy who was Barbara and her late husband John’s cat who tragically died at only 5 years old.

          • Oh Ruth I’m so sorry – that’s very sad on both counts. Poor Babs. I’m sorry. And poor little Popsy just 5 years old. What a sweet name – I’m sure a very good cat.

            • John and Popsy.
              Babz lost John, then lost Popsy 3 years later, we were living together by then and it broke our hearts, fate is cruel at times as you well know Marc xx

              • Such a sweet picture.
                John looks to be a kind and fun man – gorgeous too. Popsy is beautiful.
                Is it hard for Babz to look at it sometimes?
                I have such a hard time looking at pictures at times.

              • He was one of the kindest men you could ever meet and he loved cats. Yes it’s hard for Babz, I don’t think anyone can ever get over losing someone they loved, person or pet. I sometimes look at old photos and have a cry, you just wish for even five more minutes with someone don’t you.
                I think it’s why she is so good at her job too and much loved in our town, she knows full well what it’s like being bereaved so genuinely feels for her clients families.

              • Before I close down for the day to check my shelters (an unbelievable below freezing tonight), I have to say that it makes me so mad that Babz has been kicked in the teeth these past years more than anyone deserves. She should be retired, able to really mourn her losses, and feel relief.
                She’s an incredible person.

              • How kind you are Dee, such lovely words, yes I miss both of them like crazy and sometimes I look at the pictures and smile and sometimes I feel so sad, as we all know death is so final and no matter how much we long for just one more cuddle it’s never going to happen, but it doesn’t stop us longing. I would very much like to be retired, I imagine retiring is like the pleasure of breaking up for 2 weeks holiday multiplied by 1,000. I like my job, sometimes I even love it, but I think the feeling of relief when there is no more responsibility at work and no more “way of working” rules must be a wonderful thing.

      • Actually, there is only one comment that I read yesterday and just can’t find now.
        Oh well…
        Other than that, everything is running smooth as silk.
        Thanks for asking.

        • Dee the comment is there still because no comments are deleted (except for Woody) or lost. It is just a question of finding it. Tell me who made the comment and about what and I’ll find it for you.

          • Thanks, Michael. I must not be looking where I need to be.
            Ruth AKA commented that she had wanted to be a designer of sorts before she became a vet nurse. I had liked her comment but, when I went to read it again, I couldn’t find it.

            • I can’t remember where I said it or my exact words but I worked at a wallpaper shop for a while whilst waiting for a vacancy at a vets and one day I was designing wallpaper in my lunch hour and the manageress was impressed and said forget animals, go to night school and learn graphic design. But I didn’t listen and wish I had because working with animals was hard and heart breaking, but it’s what I felt I had to do, so I did it. Anyway now retired I’m enjoying making posters for PoC although sometimes I worry people might be fed up of them.

              • That was it!
                Thanks, R.
                I had thought for sure that you had written it here on this article but can’t find it now.
                I was beginning to think that I should go and get a brain scan!

    • Thanks Dee, yes we are always busy with one thing or another and we like to give our boyz all the attention they ask for. Babz has gone to work and I’ve done the house chores and the boyz are having their morning nap, so now I have my treat of some time on PoC. I don’t know how I found time to go to work and I don’t know how Babz does all she does in her spare time, she’s a star!
      My PoC is fine now, I had trouble a few weeks back with comments disappearing, I’d write something and click on ‘post comment’ and it vanished into thin air lol and I could only see other visitors old comments, nothing new.
      Technology is amazing but it baffles me at times, sometimes I say bring back blackboards and chalk lol the only trouble then was if your stick of chalk snapped lol

      • Regarding technology: I like things simple! It makes it more reliable. As far as I can tell PoC works well now (much faster for example), which pleases me because it serves the community, which is important.

      • Ruth AKA, did you write a comment yesterday about wanting to be a designer of sorts before you became a vet nurse?
        I’m asking just to check and see if I have completely lost my mind.
        I can’t find the comment.

  4. RuthAKA, you and Babz amaze me.
    Do you have any spare time or are you like me – your spare moments are here at POC?
    Devoting our lives to cats is the hardest best job in the world.

  5. Nosey inside; not so much about the outside here. Every corner, crevice, cabinet, grocery bag, shoe has to be investigated. Heaven help me should I enter with a box!
    I’m likely to be tackled.

    A knock at the door causes a scattering (several semi-ferals), so there is no sniffing of guests unless they are wellknowns, like Sarah (daughter) and best friend (Amy).

    There are plenty of windows to see out of but, oddly, my indoor ones are intrigued enough in here.

        • Lilly is 10 out of 10 for nosey investigator – always there if something moves or makes a sound. Molly is getting there and Gigi seems like she has retired even though she is the youngest but I am working on that, and with a tiny bit of success. Hopefully she’ll be the prime investigator one day again as she used to be in her teenage months.

          • Nosiness seems to be a personality trait. The phrase “curiosity killed the cat” does not always apply. Not all cats are curious. I don’t know whether this is domestic cats losing their curiosity because of a lack of stimulation. Cats might be retreating to the safe indoor world.

            • Ye – even though Gigi seems the most badly affected by being inside alot – she is also probably the last one who would step outside and explore. That’s how she seems now.

              When they were just a year old though Gigi was all over the place. She was the first one to investigate and explore. She still has it in her because I see it – she is very agile and sharp, just lazy and unmotivated. She might here a new sound and just roll over and go back to sleep while the other 2 investigate the new thing. Not to say Gigi is hardly alive but something more like subdued. She is playful now in the evenings because lately I have found a way to play on her terms.

              Nosiness is kind of like enthusiasm for life, when it comes to cats, in my opinion. It’s a thirst for action and experience I guess.

              • Very good description, Marc. Monty has that enthusiasm, that thirst for life, I think. He enjoys novelty and stimulation, so long as it occurs within his territory. Some cats can go places with you and enjoy that, but not Monty. So I try to give him as much novelty and stimulation here as I can.

  6. Lovely story about Walter patrolling the bedroom windows! I would have to say that Ozzie is the most nosy in our house. he has his head in each and every shopping bag when I get in and he also has to sniff visitors so he can find out all about them 🙂

    • Jozef likes to investigate shopping bags like your Ozzie does lol He used to climb in a big one and I had to swing him, must see if I can find a pic of him doing that, he loved it.

      • I would love to see a picture of him being swung in a carrier bag 🙂 I leave a big Christmas carrier behind the chair because Ozzie likes to dive in head first them make these funny noises before tipping it over to get out 🙂

        • I can only find this one of him in a bag when he was a baby, it takes two of us to swing him now so no one to take a photo lol

          • That’s just adorable! You must miss the little kitten he was even as you love the cat he grew up to become. I feel that way about Monty sometimes.

            • Yes the days of Jo and Walt as kittens were hard work but such fun too, I absolutely love kittens but I love adult cats equally as I think the longer we have them the more we get to know their purr-sonalities and we can’t imagine life without them. I love your Monty, I feel as if I know him because of the way you write about him 🙂 as a true cat lover.

  7. Well, this is interesting because neither Binnie nor Charlie were or are nosey. Charlie shows almost no interest in what is going on outside. Does that mean some cats are nosey and some aren’t? Is this about the cat’s character? Looks like that.

    Age is factor I suppose. Older cats might be less interested in checking out what is going on.

    By the way Ruth I figured out how to make you an “author” so you have your avatar at the top of the page on the right and your name below the title. I have done the same with Jo and Elisa. I finally got to grips with that little detail.

    • Michael you are doing great things with PoC 🙂 I love being an ‘author’ with an avatar lol
      Walter may be the exception but he’s got nosier as he’s got older, our boyz will both be 13 this year. Maybe he has more time for his Neighbourhood Watch in the winter as he hates the cold, it doesn’t bother Jo with his dense coat so he goes out more than Walt.

      • Ruth, your cats are just a little younger than my sister’s cat, Kobe, who is 15, but they look so healthy and plump. Kobe has gotten bolder, more nosy, whereas when he was younger he always hid. He lets me pet him now. But he’s getting very thin though. I can feel his spine when I pet him, and he just feels so bony. He’s never been much of an eater and he has such a hard time at the vet, that my sister is reluctant to put him through that. She always cites the fact that he still leaps up onto his cat tree and from sofa to cat tree to sofa making his way around the living room. That he’s spry only means he has escaped the effects of osteoarthritis thus far. I think we should take him to find out why he is so thin and bony.

        • Most older cats do go thin and bony and if Kobe is healthy and fit I wouldn’t worry too much, just keep an eye on him that he doesn’t start drinking water excessively.
          At 12 and 1/2 our boys are in their mid 60s (like me and I’m still plump lol) but at 15 Kobe is in his mid 70s so 10 years older in our years.

          • Thanks for the reassuring comment, Ruth! My sister is a very good cat caretaker. When she was a little girl she said she wanted to grow up to work with cats. She was cat crazy as a kid, with cat posters all over her room and she read a lot of books about cats. I think she and you are right. It’s probably just normal aging for him and since he is still quite spry and has had no change in his litter box habits, in what he eats or drinks, there is really no reason to put him through the stress of a vet visit.

          • Thought I was out of here for today, but, I forgot about your “plump” comment.
            Long ago, I had a boyfriend who said that I was too skinny and bony for his liking (I’m not like that now). He said that women should always be round and soft.
            We are just “ripe”, R!

            • Yes and it’s good being ‘ripe’ lol I once lost 3 stone when a woman said ‘Ruth you are getting so fat in the face I didn’t know you’
              Then people were saying ‘Oh you do look poorly, are you OK?
              I put it back on 🙁 as you do
              lol you can’t win can you? But anyway Babz and I think it’s best to have a bit of mushroom on the bones to protect you 🙂 if you fall down

      • I am pleased you like the “author” status. You’ve been that for a long time but it took a while to formalise it.

        I think Walt ranks 9 out of ten on the nosiness scale. It is good: inquisitive, alert and interested. Keeps his brain sharp.

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