Feline Neighbourhood Watch

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra

feline watch
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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This article was inspired by Barbara. She was getting ready for work one morning and shouted to me down stairs to say Walter was on his regular ‘window duty” in her bedroom. He had looked out of my bedroom window for a while and then it was her room’s turn.

For a long while now, Babz and I have been voluntary joint co-ordinators for our street Neighbourhood Watch. So we think Walter has taken it upon himself to set up his very own Feline Neighbourhood Watch from upstairs. He asked for Jozef’s help, but Jo isn’t very keen because as he says, Walter has the wrong idea about what it means….he thinks it really is spying on the neighbourhood lol

In human terms, we and our NW members just keep an eye out for each other and our children and pets and properties. Also, Babz and I work closely with our Neighbourhood Police who update us with information and send us crime rings which we make into circulars to print off and take around our members houses.

So, Feline Watch Walter takes up position in his (and Barbara’s) bedroom window and when Jozef is out, or downstairs with us, he also checks from his (and mine) too, going from one room to the other and sitting on each windowsill a while. He’s so nosey!

If he’s having a break and relaxing on Barbara’s bed and a car door slams or there are voices or someone knocking at a door, he just has to go and look out of the window to see who it is, even at night!

Sometimes on an evening when we think he’s asleep in his favourite place, in a basket on his wardrobe, we hear THUMP as he jumps down from one of his vigil spots and he comes running downstairs to the front door or the back and we know he’s off to investigate something he’s seen.

Watch out you cats passing through, Walter has spotted you! He never worries about downstairs, he must think we take care of that.

Cats do love looking out of windows but Walter takes his job very seriously, he’s a very busy and happy cat in his important work. He even checks the gardens of the empty houses and leaves his ‘calling card’ that says he’s got his eye on any feline intruders who enter his territory.

Does anyone else have such a nosey cat? Can your cat challenge Walter for his title of the nosiest cat in the world? lol

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

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