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Feline overgrooming: isolating 3 reasons — 2 Comments

  1. Over-grooming is yet another typical counter- productive aspect of the cat fancy and cat shows. To get the best results at a cat show a cat has to have an immaculate squeaky clean appearance which frankly has nothing to do with whether a cat conforms to the standard or not. This is referred-to as “condition” which only accounts for 5 points, but in reality accounts for much more. When judges see a cat which may be perfect in all other aspects but is a bit grubby, it is automatically put it into a lower category. Removing all of the natural protective oils from a cat’s coat to produce an attractive fluffy appearance is typical of the artificial requirements of the car fancy, and more to do with aesthetics rather than matters of importance.

  2. Such a good article! Such a good take on the problem. You really covered it and I can’t think of anything to add. As good as if not better than I’d find anywhere else. Fine work as usual sir.

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