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  1. Michael you have written this article in 2012 and i did visit Vietnam and Cambodia in December 2014. Got a first hand experience of the exotic food eaten by some of the locals but didn’t come across “Cat Meat” or “Dog Meat” being served in any of the street side take-away shops. I did come across this wine & Liquor shop that sold bottled snake wine. A cat was tied with a string in this shop akin to a dog and i hope it was not meant to be a future “Cat Meal” akin to a tethered chicken.
    Posted a photo of the tethered cat.

    • Rudolph, Thanks for that extra information. I’m pleased that you did not come across cat meat served at restaurants. One gets the impression that it is routinely served at restaurants. It’s great that you are able to provide first-hand information on this subject. Many thanks. I don’t like to see a cat tied up. Perhaps it was a temporary arrangement. I hope so.

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