Feline sexual aggression – observations in India

Introduction: this is a guest article from about 2010 which I have republished as today April 21, 2022, I am writing about feline aggression.

by Poochu

Sexual aggression 1

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Sexual aggression 1

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Sexual aggression 1 Sexual aggression 2 Sexual aggression 3 Tom Cat

The incident which I am going to narrate out here is between two male feral siblings, both aged around eight months.

Incident 1:

Feral one is brawny, aggressive and avoids actual human contact.

Feral two is skinny, less aggressive and prefers actual human contact.

These kittens were left to fend for themselves when they were nearly ten weeks old by their mother after teaching them survival skills.

Now they know how to survive in the ghetto they were born in.

The "Tom Cat" father of these siblings is found occasionally walking around majestically and the siblings notice him.

Skinny feral takes flight, but the Brawny feral actually walks behind sniffing his father's testicles, while the father ignores him and continues to walk ahead, flicking his tail.

Conclusion: Tom cats accept their kids hanging around in their territory.

Incident 2:

When the feral siblings are mewing out loud near my main door for their night meal, their father walks towards them mewing back.

Brawny feral son walks to his father rubs nose, then father leaves, skinny feral son avoids all contact with his father.

Skinny feral (my favourite), is intentionally not fed while I deliberately feed his brawny sibling indoors.

When I close the main door trapping both feral brothers indoors the brawny feral not used to being indoors like his skinny feral brother, shows signs of panic, desperately finding exit hole.

This panic and sense of fear seen in the brawny feral, makes the skinny feral leap on him and mount him as if it was a female cat, and starts humping his back (masturbatory behaviour) without actual penetration.

This behaviour continued for about ten minutes with short gaps in between.

This passive acceptance by the aggressive and brawny sibling would not have taken place under other conditions.

Conclusion: expression of aggression by the inferior cat via sexual means is a matter of further research.


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Feline Sexual Aggression

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Mar 01, 2011More Observations
by: Poochu

The sexual aggression displayed by the skinny male feral was more an extention of his jealousy and a variation of "Feline Sibling Rivalry".

Note : 1) The feral siblings are very close to each other and display affection and brotherhood by sleeping together during day hours grooming each other, sometimes resting their head on the others abdomen.

2) Scaring other cats from their territory (the brawny one takes the initiative, while the skinny provides the feline-moral support )

3) They share the same kibble/milk bowl, when I feed them outside, but never share their pigeon or fish till one has had his fill.

4) The brawny male feral never entered my home till I started feeding them beef/pork scraps donated by the local butcher, while the skinny feral was more a regular, sometimes even sleeping like a baby on his special pillow.

To know the real motive behind this strange behaviour, I invited both male feral siblings again the next night for their meal.

When I gave more importance to the brawny feral ignoring the skinny one(my favourite) by throwing fish kibbles, this made the skinny one lick the brawny feral brother's forehead, communicating to me that he accepted his brothers presence unlike the previous night.

The skinny feral after being fed his share, rested on the floor between me and his brawny sibling, when I threw some fish kibbles towards the brawny sibling, this irritated the skinny feral again, and wanted me to throw some at him.
Which I did not.

This resulted in the skinny feral jumping on his brawny sibling biting at his genitals, lower abdomen and ears, overpowering him and displaying the same "Feline Sexual Aggression" as explained in my Article(Note: the main door was open), while the brawny one resisted this aggression and never took flight.

Conclusion: Sexually Aggressive means adopted by male feral siblings to express jealousy and territorial dominance is observed in Human's domestic environment.

Mar 01, 2011Interesting
by: Ruth

Hi Poochu, we've missed you !
Well I don't know what to make of this, it's something new to me too and very interesting.
I think we'd need a very clever feline psychologist to expain it.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth


Mar 01, 2011Strange
by: Michael

Hi Poochu. Thanks for a fascinating article. I have never heard of this sort of behavior before. Is there a homosexual element in this!?

I'll have to think about this before making a full comment. It seems that the brawny cat's situation under which he temporarily becomes vulnerable has motivated the skinny sibling to take advantage and the sibling wants sex!

This may just be an automatic drive and as there are no females he does it to his brother.

Michael Avatar


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