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Feline vaccine overdose and pancreatitis — 3 Comments

  1. My cat had shots done 9 days ago. She was fine before that, but stopped eating and drinking a few days after. She was also very lethargic all of a sudden. After bringing her back to the vet, turns out she has pancreatitis. I find that odd and I find this article very interesting. It seems there is something to this.

    • Thank you Tania for sharing your story. It is certainly interesting. Unfortunately, I am not a veterinarian and therefore can’t really add much more than what I have said in the article. It may be tricky but you might discuss the issue with your veterinarian. In fact I think you really must discuss it with your veterinarian. After all, pancreatitis is an illness which should not be taken lightly. I wish you and your cat the very best of luck and if you have the time I should be pleased if you would write a follow-up comment to tell me how you and your cat got along after your discussion with your veterinarian.

  2. It’s hard to know. Cats were treated like dogs in veterinary medicine for decades. Sometimes you get better answers by moving to human medicine and adverse reactions that are more likely to be reported.

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