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    Sylvester, my very sweet black/white cat, has had this problem for a few weeks now; or that’s what the Vet and I think is the problem. He has all the right symptoms for it, he gets better for a while then may relapse some. He may be getting over the problem starting today.
    He is doing much better and goes back to the Vet Monday for some more tests and meds.

    • Hi Bob, great to hear from you again. Sylvester should manage. I hope you are OK and I remember your articles clearly still even after the years and it is years – shocking how times flies when you get older.

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  2. My year old cat had been ill since the week of Christmas with lethargy, congestion, fever and loss of appetite. After a night of diarrhea, he woke up and looked as if he had a stroke, with his head drooped to one side, and an inability to walk without either falling or stumbling. Yesterday, Jan.12th, the head twist became more pronounced and walking a chore!! I was wondering if there was anything I could do? My vet recommended thiamine and even gave him a shot of it, however there was no significant difference. Help!

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