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  1. Cleo is very very lovable. You can pick him up for a pretty long time. He purrs on my moms lap and rubs against coats and chairs. He loves kids and people. Cleo is very playful too. He also like to take a walk outside. So we put a leash on him or in a carriage ! He has a big tree house and a candy cane tail!! He does tricks when get wants his food. Cleo does sit,paw, and up. He’s the one of the best cats I’ve ever bet. I love him!!

      • Its been along time since I have visited the website. Firstly, my heartfelt sympathy to the owners that have lost our beloved feline buddies. I would also like to know how I can post a story, which I have a few that you might all enjoy. For your viewing pleasure I have inserted a picture of our addition to the family since 2010. Left to right: Buddy, Felix and Percella.

  2. Cleo is 1 years old and he loves crinkle balls! That’s he favorite toy. He’s gray and white and has green eyes . He also has a green collar. Cleo has pink nose,white whiskers,and pink and white pads. Cleo is Turing 2 years old in April 14. I love him so much!!

  3. Buddy is a Ragdoll. And he is black and white. He has a pet named fuzzy. Fuzzy is a pet catapiller. Buddy is very handsome ,cute, funny. Buddy loves cat nip toys.One day it was a rainbow cat nip toy and a few days latter it looked like a tea bag!! He ears a lot and purrs so loud and for so long. He is so so So nice. He is one of the best cats EVER!!!

    ragdoll cat

  4. I really REALLY miss Felix !!!!!!!! There was no cat like him.!! I would love to pick him up because he would show me his belly!! I love the way he would open up doors. It was so cute!! He was so so So lovable!!! He was the smartest cat ever!! He loved being around people and kids. He will always have a special place in my heart!!!!!!

    • Thanks Donna for telling us about your Miss Felix. Any comments you make from now on will be published immediately. First comments are moderated or if you change your details (email or name) then the comment will also be moderated.

  5. thanks again michael,it was’nt easy to figure out,but i think i figured it out.i used a picture of my cat,puffy laying next to his stuffed animal.

  6. What a handsome cat Kevin! Thank you for sharing his photo.
    It’s sad his life was so short but it sounds as if he had a very happy one, he was much loved and will never be forgotten.

    • ruth,thank you for the compliment,felix was an amazing cat and you are right,he will never be forgotten.I still think about him even though it has been 2 years since he passed away…kevin

  7. Michael,thank you so much for putting the pictures of felix online.It is great to know other people are able to view his picture.I’m sorry his story did’nt have a happier ending,but he lived a happy 7 years and I have many good memories of him.I also trained Felix to walk outside on a leash and harness.I could write about many more happy memories about the short life he lived,but i want to leave things short for now….thanks again,kevin

    • My pleasure, Kevin. It is sad to lose a cat who has not lived to old age. He’ll be on this page for, at least, as long as I live, which is hopefully 20 more years.

      You have a nice cat friendly home with that large piece of cat furniture in the background.

  8. what is the correct website to use for pictures of cats,my pictures that i’m trying to send arent going through.(felix the cat)

    Update: Here is Felix:

    I adoped felix when he was only 5 weeks old. He was a great cat. When he was 6 years old I noticed he want eating right. At that time I was working at a animal hospital (northport animal hospital n.y.) so my boss took a look at him and did an ultrasound. When I learned the diagnosis, I was shocked. Felix had lymphnode cancer. He was expected to live only the next 6-8 weeks. So I took him home with some medication and special cat food. I did my best to keep him alive and comfort him until 3 months later he was no longer able to eat or drink. At that time I realized it was time to let him go. Felix had just turned 7 yrs old. I miss him very much, even now, 2 years later. I will now try to attach his picture…..thank you, Kevin….


  9. I’d love to see a photo of Felix, he must have been a very clever cat!
    I’m sorry he died so young.
    R.I.P Felix x

    • thank you for replying to my comment.i have been trying to figure out how and what website to post his picture for 2 days now.I guess i’m not very computer literate.He was a big black and white cat with a tuxedo pattern.i also used to call him “my little shamou”.kevin

      • Hi Kevin. Email me the picture (mjbmeister[at]gmail.com – change the [at] for @). If you use the form on the home page you’ll see “Upload an Image Please select your image(s) to upload” half way down the form. You can use that too if you wish.

  10. I also had a cat who I named Feelix.He was 22 lbs and I nick named him “my little houdini” because he could open any door he wanted to.my bedroom door was a sliding pocket door,which even for me,was hard to open because it was not properly installed.I needed to keep this door shut while at work because i had another special needs cat that i kept in the bedroom.I even used a “hook and eye”type of lock to keep felix from sliding the door open while i was at work,but he was so strong that he was able to tug on the door until he poped the lock loose and slid the door open. he was a very amazing cat.unfortunatly he died of cancer at the age of 7.He is not with me here anymore but will always be in my heart.

    • Feelix sounds like an amazing cat. He was smart and strong. He’d be a good survivor and a cat leader. I bet you remember the things he did and the door opening antics very well. I have memories of my lost cats and they are as clear as if it were yesterday.

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