Felix Finds His Food

by Chris McHenry

Adult Felix

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Adult Felix

Felix is a orange mackerel tabby that seems to have a mind of his own. This was evident, when I recently came home from work and found the pots and pans pulled out of the pantry and all over the floor!

At first, I was not sure if I was robbed, or my wife had began to practice sloppy housekeeping. But then there was always the possibility that Felix had somehow reasoned how to open the cabinet door to the pantry.

Well a few days had passed and I had forgotten about the previous mess in the kitchen. However, when I returned home from work one evening the pots and pans were once again scattered all over the kitchen floor. Well, either I had a poltergeist in my house, or Mr. Felix had some special abilities.

I have grown tired from cleaning up such a mess after a hard days work, so I decided to conduct a little investigation. One day before work,I set up my camcorder and aimed it in the direction of the pantry.

When I returned home, the pots and pans were again scattered throughout the kitchen area. I could not wait to view the camcorder. What I viewed was astounding. Apparently Felix had paid close attention when my wife and I opened a closed cabinets and doors.

I watched in amazement as Felix sheathed his claws and inserted then in a small crack between the cabinet and magnetized door hinges attached to the door. With one the pull of his powerful arms (like Popeye's) the door flung open and in went Felix.

Because of Felix's size (30 pounds, 32 inches long not counting his tail), he blocked the door from closing with his body.

With a smile, I was ready to discipline the beast as he lay at my feet while I watched the video. However, upon closer observation of the video I noticed a small brown object that began to move in the corner of the pantry.

I watched as Felix scattered the pots and pans while he pursued his prey. Apparently, Felix found a mice. Well the video ended shortly after and I guess Felix never got the mouse. But I did learn one thing, you can't teach a old cat new tricks, they teach themselves. Hope you enjoyed the short story.

P.S. Felix has since learned how to open the screen door!


Felix Finds His Food to Largest Domestic Cat Breed

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Felix Finds His Food

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Jul 20, 2010 Cabinet inspection
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Chris. Thanks for keeping us updated on Felix. What a good boy he is, just a bit misunderstood! From now on you'll simply have to let him into whatever cabinet he wants to inspect. He'll have his reasons... 😉

Jul 15, 2010 Felix
by: Ruth

Hi Chris,I enjoyed your story. What a big beautiful boy your Felix is.
I do hope he caught his mouse eventually after working so hard for it lol

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jul 15, 2010 Clever Boy!!!
by: Isabelle B (South Africa)

What a lovely story, cats are so very intelligent...we just love our Turbo for his instinct as well...Felix is such a beautiful boy!!!

Jul 14, 2010 Video
by: Michael

Hi Chris, great story, loved it. If you think the video material is good enough you can send it to me on a DVD for example and I will make a video of it for the site.

My contact details are here: Contact.

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      • Its been along time since I have visited the website. Firstly, my heartfelt sympathy to the owners that have lost our beloved feline buddies. I would also like to know how I can post a story, which I have a few that you might all enjoy. For your viewing pleasure I have inserted a picture of our addition to the family since 2010. Left to right: Buddy, Felix and Percella.

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