Female cat has a beautiful, unique two-stage meow

Female cat's meow is like music
Female cat’s meow is like music. Image: MikeB
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I, and many others, have said it before, individual domestic cats have their own way to deliver the classic meow. There are a million different ways and this is one the most charming that I have heard. I can think of another I loved which you can hear by clicking on this link.

Here is this cat’s charming voice:

I don’t know what you think but this sounds like a female voice too. And if I am correct and not humanising a cat (anthropomorphising) we might be able to say that female and male domestic cats produce sounds that fundamental differ sometimes in terms of tone and timbre. This is in line with differences in facial features.

It is tricky sometimes to distinguish between male and female but it can be done with a decent success rate.

The meow translated into English

Origin of the word ‘meow’ – it’s onomatopoeic

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