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Feral Bengal Maine Coon Mix — 10 Comments

  1. This little guy rescued me 1 year and 6 months. I thought he was a long haired Bengal ( he has the personality and the attitude of a Bengal), on Monday a coworker say a picture of my babes Rocky and thinks he is a Main Coon. What do you think?

    • He does have the Maine Coon muzzle that’s for sure. However, I’d say he is a beautiful longhaired mackerel tabby random bred cat. Great looking cat. Thanks Marcia for sharing. He may have some Maine Coon in him and indeed he just might be a Maine Coon who is not ‘to type’ because he is not quite the right shape for a Maine Coon.

  2. This is Sundae,we were lucky enough to spot a lovely we kitten after our “Boogie”mum (a black short hair Bombay)& Billie-joe ,daughter(a tortishell) passed after 17 years of love & loyalty.Sundae,has changed the way we view “cats”,a very healthy black 5 month female Maine Coon cross.Apparently the father scared the local pit bull,and the pitty would run away so the cat could spend time with sundae’s mum ” Shadow “.The next door neighbor observed the 2 lovebirds swimming together in her pool.

    • He is a really handsome cat but you won’t know if he has any Bengal cat in him. As for Maine Coon genes, if you are in the USA there is a reasonable chance that he has some Maine Coon genes because Maine Coons are USA foundation cats.

      Anyway, who cares? Thomas is a fantastic looker. Strong tabby high contrast markings on a silver background and white.

      His ear tufts indicate some Maine Coon is present. Ear tufts are a signature for the Maine Coon. But of course his coat is shorthaired and the MC has a shaggy med-longhaired coat.

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