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Feral Cat Acts As Lookout To Announce my Arrival — 10 Comments

  1. Just wanted to chime in to say that Boozer is still at his post after 2 1/2 months.
    The difference is that he stays just ahead of me, where I can see him, instead of going way ahead and out of sight.
    I dropped one of my bags Sunday, and he stopped and waited for me to gather it.
    I’m so thrilled!
    I WILL be able to touch him one day.

    • Yes you will DEE

      And let me share my experience

      This is perhaps the KING cat. Likewise SAJID ( The horrific) at my colony, and he also acts same as Boozer at the start when I started the welfare work.

      I think these guard KINGS take a lot of time to come closer to you and they have a HSPL (Higher Sensitive psychology Level). This term is my own term as I write my diary daily on the research experiences which I get everyday. 🙂

      These kind of cats are RAMBOs and they have WON / conquered the colony. They are well respected and they never harm their kittens or colony members, They often HISS to their queens when ever they see any ANTI-FAMILY issue of their own family.

      They never let their kittens touch them or their tails. They just give them a hand BUD (not with claws) a foamy slap. They are always agressive with human population and they only trust themself.

      If you have watch closely to this BOOZER cat and see these elements so be careful in the start but I guarantee, that often feeding and regular feeding and sitting 10 feet from this beauty, you will be successful to touch him and ONLY pet him slightly.

      But it always takes a long long time to get the trust of such RAMBO cat. I call them RAMBO cats, please don’t mind 😉 .

      He will self come near you and ask you to touch him, This is what I have observed and please also share you past experiences alongwith current to me so that I can gain more knowledge and write in my diary for future references. Thank you very much and really I am pleased with your work <3 <3 <3 God bless you and your cats <3 amin.

  2. Its so lovely to hear the love you have for these cats and how special they are to you when some see them as just vermin you’re one in a million Dee 🙂

  3. God bless you Dee for taking care of these babies. . .Boozer sounds like a real sweetie!! Wonderful that he is “announcing” your coming to them. . . <3 <3 <3

  4. I think Boozer has been elected as the colony look out and when he sees you coming he goes to tell the others to gather round because the dinner lady is coming.
    I think that is wonderful Dee 🙂

  5. It is nice to see this. Your suggestions as to why it happens are good ones and could well be correct.

    Perhaps another suggestion is that the black cat wants to be with you but is being very cautious about it so follows at a distance – well, he leads but he goes to the colony with you.

    I just feel he wants to be a domestic cat with you rather than be a feral/stray cat living in a colony.

    He is waiting for food and he knows you walk past that spot and waits for it. He does not want to wait within the colony.

    • Don’t you think Michael, that he has just learned the system? I doubt he wants to be a domestic cat, because he certainly doesn’t know what that means. He probably loves his community. And a big part of that community includes Dee showing up daily. It is part of his daily routine. We all know cats love a routine.

      • Agreed, DW.
        He was born feral, may well descend to semi some day based on this behavior, but will never be domesticated.
        I believe that he loves his life as it is.
        He’s sharp. He knows the drill.
        I’ll be curious to see what happens if I change my routines, which I have to do periodically. I’m holding off because it would make me sad if I knew he was waiting for me and I didn’t show. I don’t want to undo this unless I absolutely have to for safety.

  6. Wow Dee. What an exciting discovery. It realy takes someone who is dedicated to their cats, and is a constant observer to be able to notice something like this. I would assume, he is both ready for his meal, and wants to be the first to announce to the troops that you are there. What a beautiful thing it is. Cats never cease to amaze me what they are capable of in their lives. So much more than we can imagine. I see it every day with my little tiny brood. You cold write volumes I’m sure. I love the picture. Good for you! More please!

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