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Feral Cat Caretakers Don’t Always Do the Right Thing — 4 Comments

  1. Yes I agree with the summation of the problem. I myself have had my share of angry neighbors complaining at or about me as I look for cats in my neighborhood. I try to keep a low profile, but when someone gets in my face because they just don’t understand or care, it’s hard not to reply with a few choice words of my own. The latest cat I’ve taken in I had to wait months for until he wandered onto my property just to get a good look at him. I’ve learned to ask for permission to trespass and not to argue with a policeman. Don’t laugh at them either; it doesn’t help. That wasn’t as bad as it sounds, but just don’t go there.

    • I can see the problem and I am in two minds on this. This lady is passionate about helping feral cats in an environment that is hostile towards her. So I see her courage etc.. I am just not sure she is doing it the right way. There should be a better way. Albert, do you feed feral cats? You rescue them? How would you play this if you where this lady?

  2. I think this case illustrates a common problem of rescuers, TNR caregivers, etc. Because we feel/know that our cause is just, we feel empowered to act boldly without taking into account that our values are not shared by many others in the community. Perhaps rescuers need to take a more defensive, less open attitude. Doesn’t it sometimes feel like we are waging a guerrilla war? Would love to see a dialogue about this. I admit that being courageous sometimes/often brings about miracles, but I’ve also seen rescuers get burned by not being cautious enough.

    • Marianna, I think you sum up the problem very well. I do agree that people who love and care for feral cats need to act boldly sometimes because they feel oppressed or because the authorities don’t do enough. And they know that there are people out there who will dislike them and they also know that feral cats are vulnerable and that they need our help. However, it cannot work if we are waging war with other citizens including neighbors. It just goes down the wrong path and leads to a very unproductive situation. I think it also rebounds on feral cat caretakers. They can reinforce the crazy cat lady label unfortunately, which is a very incorrect and derogatory label.

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