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Feral cat cruelty investigation at Utah Refractories, Lehi, Utah — 12 Comments

  1. I’m going to guess there have been cats in that brick yard as long as it’s been in operation which is a long time. Makes you wonder how long they’ve been poisoning them , or it should.

  2. What can we, as people far removed geographically, do? This sickens me. Are there clients of this company that could be contacted and informed of this owners cruelty? What else can be done?

    • Find out if he belongs to the LDS church and what ward he might be in. I believe there are maps of them online now. Start shaming the Bishop and the ‘Church’ in that ward by number and name and address.

  3. The video of that kitty suffering just shakes me to the core! I’m in western Colorado not far from utah-Colorado state line. The way some animals get treated out here really makes me mad. I got into it with a police officer earlier this week over a dog left in a hot car and him trying to give “alternative facts” that the windows were down and the vehicle was parked in shade! (I have a picture of the vehicle parked in the sun and the windows were down maybe 2 inches!) Posted the video locally all over facebook, and at least it got ppl discussing the issue and maybe someone learned some thing about how hit it gets in cars, and I would do it all again too!

    • Well done LuAnne. I know how you feel about that video. I was reluctant to link to it. I try and avoid showing pictures and videos of cat cruelty as I believe the images stay in the brains and haunt us. Some people are incredibly insensitive to animal welfare; uneducated or thoughtless.

  4. Animal abuse is animal abuse and punishable.
    That there were admissions of poisoning, kicking, etc. is rich. I wish concerned employees had, minimally, gone to their District Attorney’s Office or called upon the help of Ally Cats or any other cat organization that could have helped.

    • Animal cruelty is illegal here too ! And despite turning my neighbors in repeatedly they have yet to be prosecuted. They dump it on my old FIL and he plays the helpless victim. They are so bad they have a system in place to get by with the abuse.
      On the ladder of criminal justice most animal abuse cases fall on the lowest rung. And then there is the appalling number of ALL criminal cases that are settled through plea deals. Most interesting to me are the number of people I hear talking that hate the police and think pretty much no one should be in prison. Either we want law breakers locked up or we have to deal with them and their shabby behavior that most likely will be inflicted on ourselves or someone within our circle of friends. The drunk that hit me 20 years ago had a rap sheet pages long. The woman who parked on top of my car while I was in the store had a list of infractions for not having insurance on her car. Her car should have been booted or towed on the second notice from the state. IN fact her registration was most likely suspended when she parked on my car. My FIL bred goats until they were stacked like cordwood and then starved them because he couldn’t or wouldn’t buy them food. Instead of arresting him they came out and helped rehome the goats. This is after starving horses and dogs in the previous two years. Right now I could take a drive and find a dog chained up with no shelter, A cat with kittens and livestock in need of groceries. Many AC officers are not empowered to arrest someone. I believe a few places have moved to animal courts. What we really need if they aren’t going to jail these bums is a registry where NO ONE in the household may have so much as a goldfish if there is a registered animal abuser living there. I’m sure the owner of this brickyard would in the end say he put the poison out for rodents and the cats got into it by accident. Since those cats have no true owners he might get a finger shaking. Wanna get him in Utah. Find out what ward he’s in and start shaming the Bishop of that ward. If he’s LDS it’s a good way to see him stopped.

  5. I lived there. I’m not at all surprised. I wouldn’t set foot in that state again for a million dollars. And I mean it. One huge cult and little to no regard for animal welfare. I have inflicted a lot of heat on myself for comparing the LDS church to fundamental Islamic beliefs. Just because you make it look nicer doesn’t mean it is. As with all fundamental religions animals end up at the bottom of the heap. I drove by that place every day for 5 years and heard they made tiles. Glad I never bothered to stop in and see. The cats were probably keep their rodent population under control. Believe me they preach one thing and live another like ALL organized religions.

  6. I know this place–it is a huge brickyard just north of Lehi, Utah. Worthen should realize what a bad reputation he is getting, and this will be bad for business. I think a large fine and community service would be a minimum. Others may recommend a cup of antifreeze and a kick in the head. Since my husband and I will probably build on inherited property in Lehi, he just lost one large customer.

    • Thanks a lot, Riverside Robin, for commenting. It is great to know that you know the place because it adds an extra dimension to the information about the story. I agree with what you say about how he should be punished which I found amusing.

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