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Feral Cat No More.

Feral Cat No More.

by June
(St. Louis)

It’s been six years since the three litters of feral cats were born in various spots in our neighborhood. Being completely naive about “alley cats,” I began some research and learned about the recommendation to spay and release. So, I rented 7 traps and the process began. In all, I trapped and treated 15 cats and released them, as instructed. But they didn’t leave.

So, I decided the next best thing was to try to “tame” them. I’ll skip over the details, but suffice it to say, nine of them now live with me and three (the mothers) are permanent porch residents.

My greatest challenge was living through the kitten stage with 9 feral kittens in my antique-filled home. Not too many disasters but quite a few sleepless nights.

My life has forever changed. I am in love 12 times over. The joy they bring could not be purchased at any price. And I have free, around-the-clock entertainment.

Don’t let anyone tell you that a feral cat will not make a good pet. If so, then I have nine exceptions!


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Feral Cat No More.

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Oct 25, 2009 My gut feel
by: Michael

Response to last comment. My gut feel is that your feral cat might not be getting enough integration. I would let your feral Siamese wander and explore more and interact as much as possible with her albeit gently.

The more gentle interaction the better, I would say. Gradually it will change.

Oct 24, 2009 Help
by: Anonymous

How did you do it? I have rescued a feral Siamese. She is so scared and has been weeks in my bathroom.

I just petted her gently under the chin and she still backs off. Do you have any hints. Pls Lori

Jun 10, 2009 Feral Cats
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Feral cats or a costly prized cat are ultimately absolutely doting pet companions if properly reared and trained.
My first cat was a adopted pet shop mixed “Albino – siamese” which i got free as it was on deaths door,finally curing it and it lived in our household for 12 long years.
My present cat “Matahari” is a doll-faced traditional persian cat which i purchased for USD $350 (Rs 14,000), a princely amount in Mumbai for cats and it is also a doting, lovable pet which has now littered 6 kittens.
Ultimately,”Feral” or “Costly cats” are a best form of companionship to lonely or single living paople.

Jun 10, 2009 Smart cats
by: Anonymous

It looks like they had an instinct for what was good for them! Cats are very good at finding the right place to stay. That is why there are “time-share” cats, I suppose. Great story; and I am so glad for the cats (and you) that you made their lives so much better.

Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in a many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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