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Here are 15 feral cat pictures published on this page under creative Commons licenses (from Flickr) – I am adding photos so there are more than fifteen. They been carefully selected. There are extensive captions where possible which you can read by clicking on the photos. The photographs are large thumbnails which means that if you click on them you go to a much larger image (use the your browser’s back button to return to this page). I would recommend this because these photographs are decent and sometimes of high quality. The photographers are at least competent if not better.

Feral cats can be beautiful. They can have exotic coats. Yes, they sometimes need cleaning but they are still beautiful. The concept of all feral cats being diseased and spreading disease is unfair and untrue. Humans spread more disease to other humans.

The most important aspect of feral cats, which we should remind ourselves of, is that, indirectly, we created them and I know I am repeating myself but as we have created them we have a moral obligation to ensure that we treat them humanely. If we want rid of them we have to do it humanely and the only way to do it is through extensive TNR programs ideally supported by local authorities.

Brutal culling of any sort for me is a no-no. And a lot of people say it doesn’t work in any case (vacuum effect). Let’s just do the right thing and stop creating them through careless cat ownership and then gradually reduce their numbers humanely.

PETA, in my view, have been misrepresented with respect to their attitude due towards feral cats. People say that this organization wants all feral cats to be killed because it is more humane to do that. Having researched the matter, I would argue that this is incorrect. They want to deal with them humanely and for example in India they do just that. PETA are present in India and the chief executive there has made it clear that TNR programs are the way forward for feral and stray cats.

P.S. My thanks to the photographers for granting CC (Creative Commons) licenses allowing publication here. Note: this is a non-profit site working in the interests of feral cat welfare.

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Feral Cat Pictures — 3 Comments

  1. I love all of these pictures except for the’feral cat tree.’ Although it is reality it really hurts. 😱

    • That tree disgusts me. But it does reflect the status of the feral cat in Australia and it is sad and immoral as far as I am concerned.

      • Immoral is the perfect word to describe the ‘feral cat tree’ in that picture, and the way of thinking that it represents. 😱😢

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