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Feral cat survives 3 weeks in container from China to Vancouver and is being rehabilitated

This cat, who has been appropriately named Journey by her carers, must have been completely feral when she tiptoed into a shipping container in Shenzhen China. She spent a least 3 weeks inside it.

‘Journey’ looking very fearful after her journey. Photo: Screenshot from video by SPCA

There was no food. There may have been some moisture on the insides of the container but I am speculating. At the end of the journey she was discovered hiding in a crate delivered to a vehicle glass distribution business in Prince George, Vancouver.

Barely alive, she was almost unconscious and weighted under five pounds, about half the normal weight. She had liver disease from starvation and oral health issues plus a liver parasite. In addition to her severe health problems she was fiercely feral.

I am amazed at the efforts that have gone into rehabilitating Journey. There been a pile of tender loving care and oceans of patience but it has paid off.

Journey was resolutely terrified of people for ages. Her new journey to mental and physical health started at North Cariboo District SPCA. She was transferred to the SPCA’s Maple Ridge branch.

The video shows her playing at the end. What a moment. The report on the website says that it will be a few more months of foster care before she is ready to be adopted.

Comment: Firstly, the huge ability of the domestic and feral cat to survive under the most arduous circumstances comes through in this story. Secondly, the enduring commitment of animal welfare staff and volunteers at shelters is highlighted once again. It never ceases to astound me: the contrast between these people and others in positions of trust and authority who abuse feral cats such as the Australian government.


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