Feral Cats Are Special

Feral Cats Are Special

by Dave
(P’boro uk)

I was feral

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I was feral

We have 6 rescued cats. One of which arrived and was feral. He was estimated to be around 10 months old. On arriving, we took the smelly, dirty greasy mess to the vet. He was not happy with this and tried to kill anyone who tried to touch him. He was sedated and then had his op. While under, the staff removed a lot of his coat. This was part to blame as it was matted and making his skin painful. (Long coat). We got him home still drowsy and left him to recover. The next day we got up the courage to bath him. To our shock, he sat in the water and never once tried to claw or bite. We ended up having to change the water 4 times before the shampoo got rid of the grease.

Moving on and 2 years later. The smelly killing machine has turned out to be a beautiful loving cat. Yes it took a lot of careful work but the reward is seeing him so happy now. Sadly, others go to shelters where they don't have the time or resources to give them a chance at life, which is sad.

As I said we have six, each had its own issues on arriving. But each rewards us for the care and love we give them.


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Feral Cats Are Special

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Feb 13, 2012 So Very Proud.
by: Angie - Australia.

HEI have been so very heartened reading about all these wonderful stories about feral cats, but especially your story Dave. I help out my friend to feed our beautiful feral cats every night with our own money to buy the food. we are slowly but surely getting closer and closer to our beautiful cats and we are all the way over here in Australia. In fact have to close down to go and meet my friend to feed our special little ferals at the beach.

Jun 30, 2009 Positive and Loving.
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

Hi Dave: I love this. Totally positive and so right. Feral cats are special (I changed your title - sorry - as an equal sign doesn't work as a file name) because they reward us with their special love in return for ours to them. And there is the pleasure of seeing them improve and enjoy life. Nice picture of a handsome cat too. Great contribution. Thanks. My cat is a stray cat...Michael (PoC Admin).

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