Feral Cats can be tamed and they are just shy and scared!

Feral Cats can be tamed and they are just shy and scared!

by Michelle
(Boca Raton, Florida)

Feral Cats can be tamed and they are just shy and scared! After trapping and spay/neutering 5 kittens and 1 mother…with patience and one on one contact, I have tamed all of the now 1 year old cats and have them all adopted out. The mother is probably only 6 months older than her kittens. The secret is patience…1-2 months…keeping the kitten or cat in a small area with their own individual bed and nowhere to hide under. They are shy if feral and will hide and try to avoid contact.

I use a bristle brush (like a mom’s cat’s tongue) and brush them daily. Also, baby feeding them with a baby spoon when they are kittens together with the brushing for kittens or adults as mentioned.

They are basically very scared and shy and once you break them…1-2 months…still keep them in an area they can feel it is their own and then be gentle, patient and they will act like a pet after 1-2 months. I learned this from hearing all the negative stuff like “they are hopeless and you should just release them”! I did not want them to live outside and maybe survive 3-4 years, when they can live 15-20 years as an indoor pet!

They just need to be understood! They are afraid, and some may hiss and try to scratch at first, but those are usually the best pets later once they are broken and appreciate being a pet later!!!


Feral Cats can be tamed and they are just shy and scared! to Feral Cats

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Feral Cats can be tamed and they are just shy and scared!

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Apr 16, 2012 Feral cats
by: Dee

Does anyone have any help to offer? I have two feral cats (male and female) on my large screened porch. They are the mom and dad to my kittens…all have been fixed. We had to move, so I trapped them 2 weeks ago and have been trying to gently get them used to people (me). I stay when I feed them, but they just run behind the sofa on the porch when they finish eating. How can I make them be less afraid of me? I’m doing everything I read about…not moving when they come out, not looking at them, not scaring them…etc. I really want to help them and let them come inside, but I can’t let them in if I can’t touch them or get the vet to check them. I’m trying to be patient..but I’m wondering how long it may take and if I will be successful (??).

Oct 15, 2010 Not sure she’s feral.
by: Sherryl

I’ve just recued a tiny female cat believed to be about 18 months old, she has had 2 litters and has now been spayed – yesterday. She is incredibly shy and noticably scared, although ahe shows some affection and purrs nicely but then takes herself of to hide. I read with interest Michelles comment about putting her in a small room with no hiding places. Does this mean don’t let her around the house at all and do I spend time with her in that room? Currently she is residing under my DVD cabinet and behind the toilet, which ever takes her fancy. Will she eventually come out or do I have to do something specific? I have a lot of patience but no idea what I’m doing, any comments would be gratefully recieved.

Sep 20, 2010 Ferals…………
by: Leesa

Nice to know there are people out there like you. I have tamed feral cats, it takes a lot of patience as the article stated. I took in a pregnant mother that for months would climb high on top of my cabinets and constantly knock over garbage. All the ferals that I have rescued except for one eventually became lap cats. Taking responsibity for these poor creatures was effortless and very meaningful.

Jun 15, 2009 Feral Cats can be tamed…
by: Lea.

Michelle, you are right in what you say here.

Most of my pet cats have been rescued from horrible situations; one black as coal beauty (well, beauty when she grew up, anyway) was found in the middle of a road in the middle of a dark night.

OF COURSE she’d just been thrown away by some heartless non-human.

Filthy dirty because she hadn’t been fed so had diarrhea’d down her back legs, covered with fleas, tiny ribs like needles, still-wobbly legs, eyes that hadn’t changed color yet…this one was on her way out and I am sure she would have died that night if I or some other ol’ softie hadn’t found her.

Highway Miracle, who was called Baby, lived to 13 years. She was always shy. If anyone approached the house I knew it because Baby would streak for her hiding place. Alright, it was on top of my bed but SHE thought she was hiding.
She was also called “The Alarm Cat,” because of all that dashing away from Who Is That At The Door??

I firmly believe rescued animals know they’ve been rescued and they show it most every day. Baby, for instance, liked to wash me. Either she loved me or she was after the salt on my skin, lol.

Kudos to you for having the patience needed for a scared out of its’ mind four-footed!


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  1. My feral tom is now about 3 years old but, I have never touched him. I had him neutered and he is outside, never been inside. He brings gifts of dead chipmunks, lizards, moles and birds. When I feed him he is not shy of my presence, in fact he paws at my feet affectionantly as I move around him as I get his food ready, and he seems to like my talking to him, but I’m hesitant to pet him…

    • Yours is a very tender story and you are very respectful of your feral cat friend. I think your arrangement is the best way. I think too that he would, over time, come in and you could gradually with small increases get him used to being touched and more. But you are on the spot and can judge best. Nice story though.


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