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Feral Cats can be tamed and they are just shy and scared! — 2 Comments

  1. My feral tom is now about 3 years old but, I have never touched him. I had him neutered and he is outside, never been inside. He brings gifts of dead chipmunks, lizards, moles and birds. When I feed him he is not shy of my presence, in fact he paws at my feet affectionantly as I move around him as I get his food ready, and he seems to like my talking to him, but I’m hesitant to pet him…

    • Yours is a very tender story and you are very respectful of your feral cat friend. I think your arrangement is the best way. I think too that he would, over time, come in and you could gradually with small increases get him used to being touched and more. But you are on the spot and can judge best. Nice story though.

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