Feral cats in SPCA barn cat program in NC wrote to Santa asking for a forever home

Butters and Grayson are two feral cats in North Carolina. They recently wrote to Santa asking for a forever barn home. The two are bonded and will need to stay together.

Barn cats who wrote “Dear Santa” letter (SPCA of Wake County)
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Butters and Grayson entered the barn cat program back in March. The program is a project offered by no-kill SPCA of Wake County. The cats are being held in a safe place until a forever home is found.

The letter to Santa states they’ve been very good this year and have stayed away from everyone. Grayson and Butters are seeking a barn, farm or large plant nursery where they can keep the property clear of vermin.

Experienced barn cats wrote to Santa

Working cats still need to be fed and watered and provided shelter. They hunt mice for sport and in exchange for a safe place to grow old.

Anyone interested in this pair is asked to contact SPCA of Wake County in Raleigh and they’ll make the final arrangements. Please share this article with friends who are looking for experienced rodent exterminators.

The thread for these two beauties is here. You can contact the SPCA by phone: 919-772-2326 or Fax: 919-772-2482

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