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Feral cats preying on Leadbeater’s possum; balanced headlines required — 2 Comments

  1. Toxoplasma gondii is also deadly to all marsupials. Cats don’t even have to kill them directly, your cats are killing off all marsupials around the world with their feces, even those marsupials contained in zoos. As well your killing all native wildcat species around the world infected with deadly feline diseases being spread worldwide by your stray house-cats. Toxoplasma gondii is not only deadly to all marsupials, there are whole genre of other species that are dying off all over the world from your cats’ parasite (dolphins, whales, otters, seals, etc.). You are even killing-off all inland otters in the UK from your cats’ parasites. Are you worried that there may not be enough house-cats to go around? You’re willing to drive yet another species to extinction with your ignorance and stupidity like you did your own Scottish Wildcat? (Habitat loss and hunters had nothing to do with that, your house-cats alone drove them to extinction.) Of course you are willing and even glad to drive yet another species to extinction. The cat-shat brain-hijacking parasites that are now in control of your every thought and word are demanding that you find reasons to procreate and save-at-all-costs this parasite’s required host species–even if your reasons go against all science, common sense, and logic. It is what you are now and there’s nothing you can do to stop it or change it. Your thoughts and reason for living are no longer yours, they belong to a parasite in control of your mind. You speak only for a brain-hijacking parasite now … nothing more, nothing less. Your every article you write proves this without one doubt left.

    • I have one dearly held wish: that you become infected with toxoplasma gondii and are driven mad – correction, you already there. No more comments from you. I don’t publish comments from people who are as mad as a broomstick.

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