Feral Cats Take Over Nativity Scene

Cats and Christmas come together in a beautiful way in this corner of America; Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY. Every Christmas for the past ten years, sisters Annette and Sue Amendola have built a nativity scene next to their home on some unused land. The local feral cats found it very cozy, thank you very much. I like to see something that was meant to be just looked at by people, now used and useful for cats. That is an example of the Christmas spirit.

feral cats take over nativity scene
PHOTOS — CREDIT: DNAinfo/Rafael Lopez, Jr.
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Street View:

Nativity scene taken over by feral cats


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My thanks to Ruth aka Kattaddorra for spotting this story.

34 thoughts on “Feral Cats Take Over Nativity Scene”

  1. I love the nativity scene with felines . It reminds me of the Christian version of a legend about the tabby “M” … that a tabby cat snuggled in the manger and helped keep the baby Jesus warm, and to thank the cat, Mary petted the cat and and her initial “M” appeared on its forehead and the forehead of all tabbies after that.
    Not that the story makes any sense, but seeing this made me think of it.

    Poor Grumpy Cat. There are cats who love attention and love going places but what they have put that cat through is way beyond even for the cats who would like it.

  2. They are such a lovely pictures of the nativity scene complete with comfy feral cats, so kind of those ladies. As for poor Grumpy cat it’s time something was done about her, I looked at the video and she looks so small, I hope someone can do something to stop the exploitation of her. I’ve laughed myself bad at the OJ on the keyboard, I hope it’s not a sticky mess with the keys all glued together by the morning.

  3. The love Jesus!

    PS: TMZ is going to do a report on Grumpy Cat’s (aka Tardar Sauce) physical and mental (?) disabilities. They were shocked to see how bad off she was when she came to their offices recently. Good for them. Finally someone standing up for this poor exploited cat!

    PPS: She has her own star on the Hollywood walk of Fame. I think she would have to be the youngest mammal to do so! 😀

    • Wow, that is interesting news for me Dan because as you know I have critisised the owners for exploiting this cat. She must have looked noticeably in a poor state. I feel sad to hear this.

        • Oh this made me so angry! Cats pee themselves when frightened out of their wits! Those stupid excited people queuing up to gawk at her, the noise and lights of the studio, being mauled by strangers, it must be a living hell for that little cat.
          She doesn’t look well to me and if it was this country I think the RSPCA and those of us who love cats would have been on her case long before this.
          Where will it end?

            • To me that little cat looks without hope! Cats have a sort of expression of stoic acceptance when they are being forced to do something/be somewhere, they don’t want to be, like at the vets. It’s as if they are saying ‘Let’s get this over with and leave me in peace’
              It amazes me that her photo keeps popping up on facebook and people sharing it who I’d have thought wouldn’t be so uncaring about her un-natural life.
              It really upsets me 🙁

              • I recently joined facebook as you know not got many friends yet but I don’t want anybody who thinks exploiting a disabled cat is Ok 🙁

            • Merry Christmas Michael and every one!

              I think that this story may get some sort of attention to Tardar Sauce’s plight. But there is no way her county will step in. I believe there is only a rudimentary system there to deal with such things at best. Probably two guys and a big net. Now if it were to happen here in Phoenix, she could be rescued and the woman charged, but… I just can’t think of a crime she is breaking. Surely moral laws and laws of common sense, but the cat is flown around in first class and fed the finest foods. She has her own attendant to brush her, etc. The only thing would be the physical stresses on her body in my opinion. Can anybody think of a reason for me to call? I live in the Phoenix area. They are frequently here since her home is 120 miles or so south of here.

          • Thankfully it did not happen. It was a bad joke. They say that the guy peed himself when he heard all the perks Grumpy Cat was getting at SXSW earlier in the year. I should of watched it before posting the link. The sound isn’t working online for some reason. So I didn’t watch it until I was on my other computer.

            • Yes it was a bad joke! How stupid those people are making mock of that poor cat, pretending she’d peed. She doesn’t get any perks anyway, it’s her ‘owners’ that get the perks.
              I’m sure she would rather be enjoying a warm loving home and privacy than any supposed perks.

            • I had no idea it was a bad joke. What is happening is not a crime in the USA. Under the law in the UK there may be a case to answer but I even doubt that. It is just morally wrong and exploitation.

      • You know, Dee, I think it will end up in tears one day. I hope not but Grumpy cat could end up seriously ill caused by her inhereted illness (deformities) compounded by the exploitation.

  4. It’s such a lovely feeling to see feral cats so happy and cared about and made welcome. To me, these pictures are the true spirit of Christmas and I just had to send the link to you Michael as I knew you’d love seeing them and sharing them too.
    Yes straw is perfect for warmth and those two sisters must be very kind ladies.
    Dee you do make me laugh lol fancy making orange juice go all over your keyboard 🙂 I hope your letters haven’t stuck lol

    • Yeah, I guess this article should of come with a no drinking orange juice while reading notice!

      I think it is a wonderful thing to do for the beasties. It’s in the true Spirit of Christmas!

      Merry Christmas!

        • Dee you have me in stitches many a time, I don’t like orange juice but I’ll be careful with my cranberry juice near my keyboard after your mishap lol It already gets bits of biscuit crumb lodged between the letters, I have to regularly poke them out 😉 It happens when I see more cruelty to animals because it makes me angry and I shout b******s and the crumbs fly out.

    • It’s a pretty sticky mess! But, I think I got to it in time. We’ll see in the morning. But, it was so worth it! You are the cats’ pajamas, R!

  5. Ruth AKA, thanks for finding this. I laughed so hard that the orange juice came out of my nose!
    Straw is a feral’s best friend when it’s cold.
    Love this!
    Have to clean up my keyboard now.


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