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Feral colony in danger of being trapped and “disposed of” in Mauldin, SC — 19 Comments

  1. I say leave these babies alone. If you take the cats away you watched the place will be ingested with rodents, snakes and all. These cats are keeping them gone. See what I say. I’ve seen it happen. What is it going to hurt for a piece of bread to be given to a cat. They have just much right to live there as anything. If you don’t like cats well go somewhere else, maybe an island where the rodents eat you for supper I love all cats.

  2. True Linda I agree with you! Have any of you heard of Alley Cat Allies?? They educate and advocate for feral cats go on their website or contact them. They have lists of agencies that will help too!!

  3. No they are not get over it!! I love cats they can’t help it if their homeless!! TNR!! If you were an animal lover YOU wouldn’t say that ignorant!!

  4. Hoa assholes are a pain in the ass. Maybe they should be trapped and relocated see how they like it. I am a cat lover and yes every cat ive had has been fixed. Even my first feral cat i got from my son last year wen my son and one of the other inmates found 2 litters of kittens under a trailer and the warden let them find homes for the kittens. Mycat was sick wen i got him at 2 1/2weeks old and i nursed him back to health and had him fixed wen he was 3months old. Hes happy and healthy being a indoor cat it can be done to raise them to live indoors and love people. All these haters of cats needs to shut the fuck up. Your not god you dont judge who can live or die. Animals are gods creatures too. CATS. At that rate kill sharks to for all the people attacked by sharks. Etc.

  5. Michael, from what I’m hearing today the cats will be trapped and either taken to a barn setting where they’ll be welcome to control rats or they’ll be taken in as housecats. Some are friendly enough for feral reform. That was the purpose of this article. To get help for this one colony. It’s being circulated well and people are stepping up to help.

  6. I have lived in this community since 2000, probably longer than anyone. I have been on the HOA board several times and know how they operate. This group on this board have probably heard complaints about the cats, which is a long standing topic of discussion here. They are sick and tired of hearing

    complaints and feel the only way to solve the problem is to once again try and “remove” the cats. This is a move to take the easy way out of doing the job they are paid to do. They are taking the easiest way out, pay to kill the cats rather than try to work around this issue with the proven method of TNR. They will simply do as they please an “remove” the “problem.” Over the years we have tried “disposing” of cats the way the board is once again tring to do. It did not work then and it will not work again. The difference this time from when I was on the board there is now NO one to speak for the cats. This board is operating in the shadows of the board room with resources to back up their agenda. What do we have? Our love of animals is not enough. The problem is this board and NHE Property Management Company, Cathy Bulock in particular. We must some how remove this board and this property management co. How.I do not know. Do any of you?

    • Thank you Mr Kim for your valued comments. It provides some insight into what is going on and the thinking behind this proposed policy.

  7. I guess the choice comes down to: how do you want them to die? Humanely under peaceful euthanasia in a shelter? Or do you want them to be ran-over by cars, humanely shot to death, killed by predators, slowly die from toxins and disease, or all the other ways that cats die outside. How much do you really care about the suffering of cats? Your answer will let everyone finally know.

  8. If they are not contained in a new rural location, then they will be shot to death by all neighboring land-owners. IF they are lucky enough to die that humanely. If not they get torn in half by predators or die from poisonous plants, animals, or chemicals they find. Just as how every stray cat dies in the countryside everywhere on earth. If you truly care about them don’t release them again, because that would make you guilty of animal-abandonment and animal-cruelty laws. You’d be absolutely no better than that couple that dumped cats off in a landfill and are now facing criminal charges–the very same animal-cruelty criminal activity that you yourself now want to engage in and are trying to promote.

  9. This is a rather unique idea. Could this colony be removed in its entirety and placed in a new environment in a place welcomed by its human inhabitants with promises of a cooperatve caretaking agreement?

    • The way things are looking a few may be taken in as barn cats. I hope the rest can be moved to a new place. We have a few weeks to make things happen so I’ll be staying on top of this one.

      • Elisa, just a quick note to tell you that I have banned Woody again. I gave him a chance to make a comment and then of course he took that chance and wrote some rude and idiotic comments which resulted in him being banned. I have decided to ban him permanently.

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