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Feral Kitten Abuse

Feral Kitten Abuse

by Zachariah Atteberry


The owner of this kitten got her for their 3 year old children to keep them occupied and to stop them from annoying their parents. Princess was one of 8 feral cats that was found outside.

The others got called on, because people complained about them. Princess was the only one that didn't get caught. One day I saw the kitten in the a ditch, I really didn't think anything of the situation. Therefore, I brought the cat back to the owners.

Two days later, I saw the kitten with the 3 year olds and they were trying to pull it on a leash, and threw it when it didn't walk! That deeply appalled me. I went straight to the parents, and asked them "why" they would allow a 3 year old to do such abhorrent acts to a young cat.

They said they bought the cat (no they didn't), and they didn't care if the cat would get wounded or died. I was aghast at that statement. I tricked the children into leaving the kitten with me, and I took it inside. I told them it ran away, and went to heaven. They believed me, so I kept it a few days, but I can't have another cat as long as I live with my parent. I found a good and loving home for "Princess" on August 28th, 2009. It deeply horrifies me how parents can expect 3 year olds to take care of tiny kittens.

The kitten is still doing very well today, and is doing great, in fact. Although I do miss her, she is in a good home now. The kids ended up going to foster care 3 months later for another count of animal abuse. The arrogance of SOME people. I didn't want to steal the cat, but It would of ended up dying from the children.

This was long ago, but we always remember the cats we help.

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Hi Zach... I changed the title for search engine optimisation reasons. Hope you don't mind.

This sort of story appalls me. It is all about parenting in this instance and the perpetuation of bad behavior down generations.

There is a strong link as well between early animal abuse and later violence against people.

Feral Kitten Abuse to Feral Cats

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Feral Kitten Abuse

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Dec 04, 2011 Me
by: Anonymous

I did this too. it was just today. I feel bad, but I know it probably saved this kittens life. These kids across the street from me always leave their adult cat outside all the time. my dad and I are always feeding it and letting it sleep in our house. I'm sure this was their tiny kitten. last night it slept in my house with the other one. it's the middle of Winter and these people are leaving them out in the night. The other cat WAS a male, but it had to become a 'woman' because their kid slept walk into the laundry room, and the cat was sleeping in the dryer, and the kid accidentlly turned on the dryer with cat inside. Who would believe that!? And the parents don't even care. They are always high on drugs and beer. should I have done this? I'm just a kid!!

Mar 13, 2011 its not rigth
by: Anonymous

hi my name is georgia and i dont think its rigth to do that to animals like that they need to be loved and care for just like humans do they have feeling and needs just like us its not rigth to hurt animals ike that i cant stand when people treat animals li,ke that its not rigth to treat animals bad like people do they would not like it they where traeted like that so they sould not treat animals like that u sould love them and care for them and give them a good home to live in if u care for them they will help u to they save u frome alot of things they make u happy when ur sad u can have fun with and play with them its good for animals to know that there loved and care for they sould feel good just like you feel so plz stop with the abuse of animal if uyou are some one doing it its not rigth to hurt little poor animals like that.

Mar 01, 2011 por lil scrap
by: Agony

por thang, those lil kids was lucky it was you, at thatn time i was the age of five, i would of gave them a beating if i knew that, i think the first time i got in to a fight was when someone cut the head off of my kiten, i was mad, my life is to cats alone.... there my life, i swear i will fight for them till the day i die. [btw my name is MIzuki agony challenger, i am ♀, i wont let one more person harm the animal i love.

Feb 25, 2011 I HATE IT
by: Anonymous

Hi i am Sonja and I live in South -Africa I have a cat his name is Elvis i love him and i never thought of hurting or abusing him and i hope no one else does he is like a person to me and my family he sleeps with us he and he is lying on my lap right now...... What i'm trying to say is cats and dogs are like children,fragile dont hurt them cause they'll rember and lose trust!!!!!
PLEASE IF YOU ABUSE CATS OR DOGS STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 21, 2010 great job
by: Anonymous

wht you did was a very nice thing. even though you couldnt keep you didnt leave it some where to do. so good job keep it up

Jan 22, 2010 One of these days...
by: Joyce Sammons

I get the bad feeling I'll go to jail defending a cat or dog. I go off big time if an animal is being abused.

Jan 17, 2010 good for you Zack!
by: Julie

You did a good thing Zack! I feel bad for the children who have such terrible,unexcusable parents!!! I also feel for those poor kittens!
I hate it when people assume children automatically know how to treat animals! They have to be taught and not through trial and error.Unfortunatly the adults don't teach them becuase they have never been taught! It's a visious circle.
Last week a Young couple we know brought their toddler over.I told my friends that BB was feral and not good with children.(Freya always hides from company) The father told me that if the baby gets to close he'll learn. I informed him that my cats are not learning tools. I went to get the tea and heard a cry. The baby had a scratch on the top of his head. Not a deep one(it was a warning) but it was bleeding. The mother was naturally upset ,as was I, and the father said "well,it's not like she didn't warn us!"
I believe Domestic cats are more likely to be abused by children than ferals.Mostly because it's hard to get near ferals. BB showed some restraint,a few years ago when she was wilder she would have done some serious damage!

Jan 08, 2010 good job
by: kathy

Zach you really are an angel to the cats. You always seem to amaze me. Your story brought tears to my eyea as usual ( I feel like a baby at the Library, Im always crying ) Yeaterday when I woke up I watched a program called I Am Animal. It was about the work of the PETA Ass. I was appaled at what I saw on their Program and was crying hugging my poor Lia. I was greatly upset all day because of this show. Then I thought Id be brave and watch animal cops on Animal Planet. That too was a big mistake for me. I could never be an animal cop because half of the human race would be dead because I would kill all the animal abusers or do the same thing to them that they do to their animal. Why would someone put a lighter to their cats whiskers and cause its face to be burned, why would someone duck tape up their puppy and put it in a plastic bag and throw it along side the road, and why would someone hog tie thier dog and put it in a garbage can, and how could anyone own a pet and be under the idea that it didnt need to be feed except maybe once a week??? At the end of yesterday my faith in the human race had pretty much desolved and I resolved that I would pray everyday for all the animals in the world that might be abused or mistreated on that day. I also told myself that I better not watch any animal cop programs on Animal Planet if I wanted to keep my sanity!!!

Jan 08, 2010 lucky kitten
by: kevin (kays hill sanctuary)

zach that was a brave thing you did standing up to those aragant people and saving this poor kitten from abuse and most probably abandonment or death,
sometimes you have to lie to improve a situation, i dont think you stole the kitten you just removed it from danger any true animal lover would do the same , i have in the past

Jan 08, 2010 Top Job Zach!
by: Everycat

Zach you did a wonderful and clever thing getting Princess away from that ignorant, cruel and neglectful family. Well done!

It appalls me that people think of an animal as a toy. It's no surprise to me that the children ended up in care, their parents are the epitome of ignorance.


Jan 08, 2010 Well done Zach
by: Barbara

What a very sad story Zach, I'm glad you were there to save the kitten. It's worrying that those children were acting violently at such a young age, much potential for adult violence in time from them.

Jan 08, 2010 Well done Zach
by: Ruth

You saved that kitten's life for sure ! How brave of you to tackle those cruel people and then get the kitten to safety when you knew they didn't give a damn about it. I'm glad their children were taken from them too, maybe they will have a chance to grow up into decent human beings instead of low life like their parents.

Jan 07, 2010 Poor kitty
by: Maggie Sharp

That's disgusting! I've had cats since the day I was born, my parents taught me to look after and love animals, which is what makes me think, if those children are being allowed to hurt and abuse animals, what's to say that they won't be doing it when they're older too?

I'm glad you rescued the kitten, those people sound like real scum, some people should be banned to own animals....

Jan 07, 2010 Feral kitten abuse.
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Most "Animal Abuse cases " in Mumbai city is an indirect cause of doting parents trying to please thier pampered children with live "Pet Toys".Akin to adults, similarly all children do not have an affinity or liking towards "Pets', either cats or dogs and treat them as dispensable live toys. Once the cat or dog outgrows its cute "Puppyhood" or "Kitten hood" it is either abandoned on the streets to become "Strays" or better given to others as pets. Cats as pets are not as abundant in Mumbai city as compared to dogs and hence the cases of "Cat Atrocism" is never projected in Mumbai media, but, the cases of "Pedigree and half breed dogs" being released on the streeets of Mumbai are increasing proportionally to the fashion or novelty of owning pets by some "Non Pet lovers".Owning a beautiful "Pedigree Cat" or a "Pedigree dog " has become a status statement among the wealthy in Mumbai and some don't realise that unlike purchasing a "Rolls Royce" ora "Ducati Bike", pets are living creatures and not "Luxury machines" and hence require human love and maintenance money.Any human should genuinely ask themselves the question,"Will i be a responsible cat or dog owner akin to being a human father or mother"?Please don't consider pets as disposable costly toys.

Jan 07, 2010 Lucky Princess
by: Jan Plant

My man Zach! What a super story! Little brats,as their parents turned them into! I hate to see small children with pets unattended.You didn't steal the kitten,my dear.Look at it kind of as permanently borrowed!LOL! Kudos to you Zach!

Jan 07, 2010 LUCKY CATS
by: ALF


Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in a many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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