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Fewer Approved Drugs and Medications for Cats than for Dogs — 12 Comments

  1. It’s time cats were recognised to be as important as dogs and hopefully when declawing is banned… and it WILL be…. maybe people will start to realise that and to respect cats more and to care for them as they should be cared for.

    • I agree with you Cal, It be great wouldn’t it. They give so much love very unconditional without judgement. Thats how i feel about my Cats.

  2. sorry, not “IF” but infra-red. you know, The old machines like mine, have IR and you can still write scripts for the Furbies, et al.

  3. Our neighborhood had a yard sale this weekend, and so Shrimp, Lovebug and I decided to take advantage of the two sales going on btwn our humble abode. 😉

    My roomie was on a 95-mile bike ride. I fervently carted my things out to the front yard in anticipation of making $500, and as i type, it is still all out there. I had a young boy, probably ’bout ten years, come up to me on his bicycle with best friend in tow, and tried to overpay me the 25 cents that I was asking. So, I gave the little tchotke to him for a “thank you.” he was the sweetest and most well-brought up child I had seen since I raised my own, however selfish that sounds, Michael. I was so pleased with him. He listened while I explained the soldiers coming back from Iraq[Persia] and Afghanistan, Tazh., and other conflicted countries. He is coming back over tomorrow to watch how my IF E.T. interacts with my daughter’s Furbies and my IBM 350. ‘m looking forward to it, as is LoveBug, aka Marco Polo/ Kitten.

  4. And you know what? The greatest gift of our human brain is the truth: we can be as sensitive as any other species, and respect it as much as they do!

  5. PoC, this is off-topic, but I just want my fellows to know, that if I could marry in “holy matrimony,” my Shrimp, my Shrimptaro, I would. My best bf accepts this, and says that he would marry Shrimpie as well, if it was acknowledged in Nebraska. <3
    I am so very fortunate to have both as my soulmates, aren't I. My daughter agrees, because she has hers. Might you agree with this? Unconditional love is tantamount to survival. At least in my life… 😉

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