Fiercely wild and independent bobcat kitten makes special wild cat sound when released

Bobcat kitten being released
Bobcat kitten being released. Screenshot.
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It’s the sound of this cute bobcat kitten which interests me. He or she looks a little bit like a domestic cat but the sound she makes is definitely not the sort of sound that domestic cats make. It’s a cross between a bark and a cat’s yowl.

I find that the greatest difference between small or medium wild cat species and domestic cats concerns their vocalisations.

Provoked and aggressive domestic cats can behave like small wild cats but they can never replicate that gorgeously wild sound they make.

The ranger who struggles to open the cage is acutely aware of the wild nature of this cute kitten.

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12 thoughts on “Fiercely wild and independent bobcat kitten makes special wild cat sound when released”

  1. Isn’t this baby kinda little to be out on his own. I’m sure his momma was close by when the farmer trapped him. My friend Howard gets visited by bob cats and the pics I saw the kittens were 3 times bigger than this one and they were still with the momma.

  2. It’s impressive that the little one can make that ferocious sound. Looking at it’s face and head movements though, it seemed to be just more apprehensive, leaning toward fearful but putting on a “stay away from me” show than vicious. It still looks innocent to me and would be totally docile and harmless if only in the company of it’s mom and siblings. Good that even as a kitten it can scare men.
    It’s one of my all time favorite cats too, and I hope to see them if/when I move to the country (mountain foothills) as I’ve been planning to. It’s one of the reasons I want to do that.


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