Fifty starving feral cats saved by rescue organisation and generous community

“They were so hungry that they could hardly wait for us to pour food into their bowls.” – Tomcat Solutions

Starving feral dark tortie cat
Starving feral dark tortie cat. Photo: Tomcat Solutions
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Easton, Maryland, USA: An employee of a regional Human Society of the United States (HSUS) was on her way to the beach when she saw emaciated cats crossing a busy road in search of food. She told her director who contacted Tomcat Solutions about a possible situation that required TNR.

Tomcat Solutions visited the area and discovered that the cats were occupying an abandoned house. They saw empty water and food bowls at the house and many starving cats who approached them begging for food.

They realised that the immediate requirement was to feed the cats. Thereafter there was a need to remove them from the house and get them adopted where appropriate or relocated as barn cats.

Ursula Dicks set up a crowdfunding page to raise funds as they do not have the capacity to manage on their own. They are also working with humane organisations to rescue as many cats as possible.

The crowdfunding has been successful in raising $1,900 at the time of this post (the target was $1,000). There is a huge well of generosity in America for cats who need help. Fifty-one people have donated at this time.

Feeding the staving cats
Feeding the staving cats. Photo: Tomcat Solutions.

“Thanks so much for your generous donations! Kitties are fed and bodies are filling out. We have started to take some kitties out of there and will post them on our Facebook site as they become available for adoption. Thank you very much for your support!”

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