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Figaro Cartoons

Figaro and Pluto in First Aiders (1944)

On my understanding of cat cartoons, Figaro is a cat that is seen in a number of Disney cartoons. He is a small tuxedo cat (black with a white chest). He is a friendly cat. Figaro was first seen in Pinocchio, a feature length film of 1940. He played the part of the pet cat to Geppetto, the woodcarver.

In Pinocchio, Figaro went with his human companion in search of Pinocchio who failed to return from school. Both were swallowed (including the goldfish, who is called Cleo) by a whale and Pinocchio saves them.

In 1942, looking different, he returns in a war propaganda film, All Together. In this film he leaps into Cleo's bowl and kisses her.

In a 1943 short film, Figaro and Cleo, Figaro stars with Cleo and he plays a meaner cat trying to bury Cleo.

In the next short film called, First Aiders 1944, (see below) he stars with Pluto the Pup and Minnie Mouse. At this time Figaro is living with Minnie. Minnie practices her nursing on Pluto leaving him at the mercy of torments from Figaro. Pluto nearly wreaks the house as Pluto gets his own back on Figaro.

In Bath Day (1946), Figaro despite utmost reluctance, is bathed and perfumed after which he gets into a fight with alley cats!

Butch and Figaro fight over Frankie, a bird belonging to Minnie in the 1947 film, Figaro and Frankie and in Cat Nap Pluto (1948), Figaro does his utmost to keep Butch from getting some shut eye.

In Pluto's Sweater of 1949, Minnie knits a sweater for Pluto. He receives some Mikey taking (joking) from Figaro and Butch. Pluto then falls into a pond whereupon the sweater shrinks annoying Minnie (of course). Pluto tries to convince that it would be OK on Figaro...who apparently runs off.

Initially, Clarence Nash (the voice of Donald Duck), provided Figaro's purrs and snarls. Later Kate-Ellen Murtaugh took over.

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Source: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cartoon Animals by Jeff Brown - Prentice Hall Press - ISBN 0-13-275561-0

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